Oculus Quest 2 Review – 100 Hours Later


Oculus Quest 2 is the most versatile VR headset on the market, but is it worth buying over the Valve Index, Vive Cosmos, and Pimax 5K Plus? How does it compare to the Quest 1? In today’s review, I give my opinion on all of this and also list my favorite games for the Oculus Quest 2.

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Sponsor “Into the AM”
01:52 – Quest vs The Competition
03:34 – Quest 1 vs Quest 2
06:50 – Top 5 Quest 2 Games
11:13 – Using Gaming PC to Stream Games to Quest 2
12:43 – Facebook Ownership Issues
14:30 – Sidequest Bonus Features
14:55 – VR Fitness with Quest 2
16:00 – How to Find the Visual Sweet Spot for Quest 2
18:47 – Is the Quest 2 Worth Buying?

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49 thoughts on “Oculus Quest 2 Review – 100 Hours Later”

  1. I wanted to add some things here: 1) I dove into the settings more. I recommend accurately setting up your guardian system and just turning down how aggressively it displays the walls in the settings. I no longer encourage you to make the guardian setup larger than needed. Just tweak the settings. Much safer/better! 2) 90hz has been enabled in a lot of games now! Enjoy!! 3) Oculus has added "Oculus Move" which counts your calories burned through the movement of your headset and controllers. Seems to work really well for tracking your fitness and energy burn! Try it out!

  2. bcs im pretty young, and i want the quest 2, i politely asked my mom, she replied "on christmas" ITS IN 9 MONTHS AM I GOING TO WATCH 9 MONTS JUST PPL HAVING FUN IN A VIRTUAL REALITY WHEN I AM PLAYING ON MY PC, god damnit, im thankful for what i got from them tho..

  3. oculus quest 2 is probably the best option for someone who just wants the experience VR, facebooks involvement puts a pretty big damper on this item though…

  4. Dont buy them! Battery drains extremely fast. When holding a gun with both hands and reloading the arcs on the controllers hit eachother. Not a great resolution either. I returned them for a refund after 1 hour of use. My psvr first gen works just fine.

  5. Do you have any idea how well the visual would be for someone that wears glasses or readers? Or for someone that wears contact lenses for middle and distance but not for reading?

  6. I just bought one and it’s coming in three days and I’ve already watch 20 videos help me

    Edit: it’s coming in 1 day and I need more help please

  7. Everyone talks about the privacy invasion but holly fuck no one talks about removing them selves from these companies! De-google your self and make a fake fb acct with a brand new non gmail email and you're safe!

  8. dont even bother with this product you have to have a facebook account else you cant use it if your ok with your info being used then go for it but make sure your only buy this for 18+ or do you want your childs info across the web do not use or buy this you cant conect to other vr unles your login to fb the worst midia across the word i was going to get one for my 9 year old till i found out you have ta fb account i dont trust them with any info what so ever giving info to a communisy group of midia is very dangerous and for kids to have fb is not good for there health twitter facefk or the biggest streal of info and there supported by the communist party of america demoncrats…

  9. Litterally everytime I gere about the quest 2 I get more and more conflicted I would honestly love and appreciate the upgrades it offers but at the same time I honestly think that waiting for the quest 3 to be realesed might not be such a bad idea either but that's still a long while from now

  10. Still no John Madden American football. Why can't we play quarterback yet?
    Bizarre gaming industry. Makes no sense to me.

    GTA5 VR , and FO4 VR are the only games I play in Virtual Reality. Keeps me very busy.

    me and my girlfriend each have a headset, I'll be it one of them is a quest one, it would be really really cool if you could recognize another headset so you both could play a game together and not bump into each other lol like putt-putt

  12. I don’t honestly have a problem with Facebook collecting data. I mean so many companies already do it. Have an Amazon echo, Apple or Android phone, or a PC chances are you’re probably being tracked. I mean Instagram is literally owned by Facebook so I’m gonna probably pick one up.

  13. Like the only Porblem I have with the Oculuses ( I have the First ) is the Libraby of Games. I literaly bought that Screen Share thing so I bought TWD Saints and Sinners on Steam to stream it and like idk 2 Months later it was full price in the stupid Oculus Store ? That's just bullshit. You get that Thing to play the Mayor Games like Half Life Alyx, TWD, etc. Not there.

  14. What would a "powerful gaming PC" be considered as? Personally I have an HP Envy Laptop with a GTX 1650 ti (Laptop version of course), 16GB Ram, and Intel i7-10750H CPU. Should I be able to technically run Rift and SteamVR games through a quest 2 using my laptop? Or do I need like a beefier desktop?

    For reference the most graphically taxing game I can run smoothly is The Witcher 3 on Medium-High settings


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