Ping-pong in virtual reality! Eleven: Table Tennis VR gameplay review


Eleven Table Tennis is one VR game I find myself playing almost every day. It is the ultimate ping-pong VR simulator! I made a short review of the gameplay just to show you how amazing it is.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried it!

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26 thoughts on “Ping-pong in virtual reality! Eleven: Table Tennis VR gameplay review”

  1. Really nice review. I agree with everything you have said about the game. It is my "go to" game on the oculus 2. I like that you can just go in and play a game or two for 10 minutes or play for an hour if you want. I was interested in the comment you made about the game in matching people in the lobby to your geographic area. Did I hear you right? Does that mean that you will never get matched up with people from other parts of the world?

  2. This game is incredible. I play every day and one of the main reasons I bought a Quest 2. I play at a decent level (top 1900 in Eleven) and in real life so can vouch for its realism. There are a lot of very good players – club and semi professional on the game which speaks volumes. Also a really good Discord community where the developer regularly contributes. If anyone is undecided about buying the title, don't be…just buy it. You won't regret it.

  3. You can tell that it's mostly teenagers who play this game. How do I know? Every time I accept a match challenge I am transported away from my gorgeous Chalet in the mountains…to a table in a bedroom 😩

  4. I am going to try it again and set up to play with the VR/computer…. then play with someone who can play on easy mode…..thank you for showing me that I can change colors with for the table and the ping pong!!!! that cool! I had the racket in my hand but had difficulty playing….I realized that by watching this video that I need BOTH controllers! LOL

  5. speaking of SILENT PPL……smh…lol I played with 2 "SILENT" golfers tonight! smh! they did as you said in this video! they made hand gestures and shook their head yes or no….LOL

  6. Very good review that answers all of my questions about the game! My Occulus Rift S will be in some time this week. The game is on sale for about $9 right now, but even without the discount only $20, and well worth it at the high price also! I also have a couple of flight sims to try out. Then many human anatomy programs! I can't wait for the Occulus to come in. I have a real ping pong table outside but cant get much use. Where I live it is either way too hot or cold, and loaded with insects in warm months. The heat here, and high humidity, just drains the life out of everyone within seconds of going outside. So, being about to play inside with the right temp, and no bugs, makes this game perfect! My wife and I play World of Warcraft every day, and this is my primary reason to get the Occulus. Although Warcraft is not VR, others report that it makes them feel like they are actually in the game! This is so exciting to me! I plan to weld a walking treadmill, a circular one, so I can walk in place, but walk in game! Also, I need to see if there is a VR drumset. If so, and if I like it, I will sell my digital drum sets so I have more room for VR. Thanks for the great review! Thumbs up for sure!

  7. Great video, thanks, I learned a few things about the game (only had OQ2 a few days and sooo much to learn). Still playing AI at the moment but will now explore the other options. As you say, great realism compared to the real game, although it does take a bit of adapting to. Personally I'm struggling with forehand smash which I gather from research is a bit of an issue as the physics is really complicated.

  8. thanks for featuring our game! Also love the Sonic plushy! 😀
    If you ever want to stream stuff for our game, let us know, as we have a bunch of cool features coming for streamers

  9. Thanks for promoting this amazing game , i would really like to see you play so you improve everyday =)And maybe you take it to the "real world" and beat some people and if they ask you where did you learn it , you can say from VR =)

  10. Hi. Nice video. You can move the pointer to your none dominant hand by using it to open and close the menu. Also when you open the menu in ball launcher you should be able to check a box to only show the options when in the menu. Check my channel for some drills for the ball launcher. for more info on where to find the drills and how to add them to your game.


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