Skyrim VR PSVR Review: Fus Ro Dayum | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


Skyrim VR is one of the most spectacular PlayStation VR games to date, brilliantly converting Bethesda’s enormous open world to Sony’s virtual reality headset. Watch on for our Skyrim VR PSVR review, alongside PS4 Pro gameplay footage.

Skyrim VR PS4 Controls: DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move? | PSVR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

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21 thoughts on “Skyrim VR PSVR Review: Fus Ro Dayum | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. I just got the game last night and this is going to be my first ever play through of Skyrim! Not normally a fan of fantasy, but figure the vr will help bring me into this world!

  2. No way, move controllers are the way to go. Feels much more immersive and is very comfortable to move around the world with. They did an amazing job with free movement and smooth turning.

  3. When I first played on PC and the dragon lands where you are as you're following Ralof through Helgen, I was like cool. When that same thing happened in VR I literally for a split second I had a gut feeling to run, like I was actually in danger. Also the wolves are huge and scary, that did no translate on my TV like it does in VR. I love my modded gorgeous Skyrim on PC, but so far seeing it in VR is really something else. If my modded PC Skyrim was in VR, I might end up homeless after missing too much work to play it.

  4. Biggest issue for myself is no FOV slider. They should have learned their lesson by now especially if you’re making your game in VR. I’m talking specifically Bethesda games because they all apparently wear binoculars every damn day of their lives.

  5. i never got around to playing skyrim for more than like 1-2 hours since it's not my kind of game.
    but VR changes everything.

    gonna wait for a PC release and dive in with all sorts of mods

  6. Thanks for a review that does the game some real justice. It's amazing how many professional games journalists completely botched their coverage of this game only to prove they have little idea how VR even works.

    I do have to say that the dual shock 4 is NOT the way to play, in my opiniom. The archery experience with the move controllers alone makes using them a must.


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