Drive Club VR Review – It made everyone feel sick


Drive club has come to PSVR but it’s not the smooth ride we were hoping for. Here’s why we’re having trouble reviewing it and some more of our VR sickness stories.
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23 thoughts on “Drive Club VR Review – It made everyone feel sick”

  1. To anyone reading this in the future before you play any games go into settings> Devices> PSVR and set your IPD. The IPD is the width between your pupils and by default its only 62 or 63mm. If you don't you will not be able to play longer than 5-10 minutes.

  2. Funny how their opinion isn't the majority when it comes to motion sickness. I'm glad they kept their comments on so someone coming to their review have a broader pov when judging motion sickness

  3. While I was playing this game, I had no hassles. It was only when I played other VR games, I struggled to play them without feeling sick, games that I never had symptoms before….

  4. It seems that the opinion of the sickness that is being talked about is From the perspective of two people that werent able to play a VR racing simulator for very long…I think in future reviews of racing simulators you need to put multiple people in the headset and see how many get sick out of how many A lot of people that Ive talked to that have played this, it did not affect them as far as motion sickness or VR SICKNESS I can play this game for hours and pull my headset off after doing so and feel just fine. Were other people that I know of have played this game and they cant play for very long at all… therefore varies quite drastically from who can handle it and who cant This review pretty much shit all over the game and that is a bad thing whenever you are one of those people that have not played a VR racing game and are going to YouTube to look for review to see whether they should buy it or not I just feel like the makers of this review did nothing but attack the game the entire time and put it down. So as I was sayin before… next time u review a game I believe that it would help if the makers of this review Test the game outside of just themselves.

  5. Lol I've only used mobile vr a few times and I got a psvr and I can play whatever I want and I don't get sick. You think this makes you sick? Try starblood arena. Doesn't make me sick but if this does it for you then have fun with starblood. Lmao

  6. I felt a bit quiffy when I first drove in vr… now I can play for hours. The vr sickness completely goes the more you play in it. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF YOUR BRAIN… IT SORTS VR OUT FOR YOU.

  7. Vr is like a drug , you need to build a tolerance to it ,
    Most people get motion sick on there 1st few gos ,,
    But after a few days it gos away and then you can play for as long as you like ,,

    These guys come across as being retarded


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