DOOM 3 VR Graphics & Port Comparison – PSVR vs Quest 2


Today’s launch of Doom 3: VR Edition on PSVR isn’t actually the only way to experience id Software’s seminal horror shooter in VR. Ever since John Carmack showcased a version of the game running in a prototype Oculus Rift at E3 2012, the title has been something of a pet project for modders.

There’s some mods available for PC but, last year prominent Oculus Quest modder team, Team Beef, brought it to the standalone headset. So, which is better?

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22 thoughts on “DOOM 3 VR Graphics & Port Comparison – PSVR vs Quest 2”

  1. Ah, the shadows are gone on Quest 2, which is not great because the whole realtime lighting and shadow stuff is one of the main things that made Doom 3 pretty awesome back in the day, and kinda still even now. Overall though it's clear the Quest 2 is better from everything I can see.

  2. Haven't played the psvr version but the first thing i notice in this vid is that it [psvr] has REAL TIME SHADOWS which the quest version lacks…….
    This alone pushes the psvr version on another level, its not all about resolution. Next thing is- i expect the shiny and bumpmapFX to be stereoscopic in psvr which isnt the case in the quest version. But for that of course i need to see it in actual vr, you cant tell that from a flat vid.

  3. I have been playing Doom 3 on Quest 1, it's been the most mind blowing experience so far. I have no idea how it was possible to have such amazing, smooth graphics running on the Quest Original. It really makes you wonder (and doubt) about the so-called "severe limitations" of Quest platform…What limitations???

  4. I must admit while doom3quest looks much crisper on Quest 2 (even more in conjuction with the recommended HD texture pack), the dynamic flashlight shadows and the more powerfull shotgun (and new improved weapon sounds)makes the psvr version a very decent port. I will definetly check it out.

  5. You seriously never notice the complete lack of shadows, Doom 3's very own defining feature that gave it its trademark look and atmosphere and was used heavily throughout with moving environment lights and your own flashlight (this seems reduced on PSVR too) on the Quest port (which isn't a knock on Dr. Beef and co, it's an amazing port, the Quest/2 are simply that weak in some ways)? You just constantly harp on how you obviously play with the AIM on PSVR and dual controllers on Quest (and no, Move support wouldn't fix it as they'd need some clumsy locomotion method that would clash with the shooting actions), as well as the devices' inherent resolution differences to justify your completely out of touch "review" from earlier. And no, it didn't make you enemies, just because they pointed out how silly you were with what you wrote for you to take it so personally and basically accuse others of hostility vs just saying it how it is in that, yes, people love full in depth VR games that have free roaming and require you to turn 360 all around (even if artificially for front-facing VR devices like PSVR and original Rift) rather than conveniently bring up everything in front of you in a relaxed comfortable guided VR experience. If you get so motion sick maybe you shouldn't run a VR site that is so much about gaming since games more and more drift towards full modern conversions of non VR concepts into VR with all their free roaming and gameplay depth and intensity. How would you even begin to review Grapple Tournament on PC or Quest, with its high mobilty and verticality in intense PVP shenanigans that don't miss anything from classic arena shooters like Quake 3? Call it a barf fest and leave it at that? The notion all VR games should be comfortable for everyone first and foremost is so 2016 it hurts, I get it if you get motion sick but then you shouldn't review free locomotion games rather than trash them in faux objective ways for making you personally and subjectively uncomforable. Most other people want this kind of game (and most everyone knows that PSVR and Aim compatible games won't magically give you two-handed freedom as if you're playing with Quest or PC VR controllers for you to point it out as a negative in a PSVR review). And this is coming from someone who also hated when you obviously only cared for Sony (and Quest, basically big publisher backed stuff) to the detriment of PC VR and ignored the format's issues just because it's where the clickbait is, because of "AAA" graphics like Blood & Truth even though the experience itself is sub par by the on rails guided format. You're often silly.

  6. Really happy to see an objective review. I have both headsets, and people really over hype a version which looks like trash. Anyways, after watching this video I can make my own decision more confidently. Since I clearly see which is the better option. Thanks for all the work you had put on making this review.


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