Doom 3 VR Edition [PSVR] Review


Link to a non-commentary look at the first 2 hours:

00:00 Intro
01:03 Gameplay chunk #1
3:10 Plot / Basic gameplay / content overview
04:38 Gameplay chunk #2
05:21 Combat in VR
08:04 Gun improvements / sound check
08:33 Pluses and minuses
10:19 Final thoughts
12:03 End


35 thoughts on “Doom 3 VR Edition [PSVR] Review”

  1. What console do you play on? I play on PS5, and i swear it only loads/saves right before entering a door that has a cutscene behind it, or when just loading the next area. But this game is 150% worth the $20 if you have an aim, or a reason to finally get one if you haven’t

  2. 09:00 Huh? The whole point of snap turning is that it's less motion sickness inducing, not more. Because it just changes your view, without any actual motion. At most, it's disorientating.

  3. Bought it today and played first three levels. I loved the enhanced look of the weapons so far. Sounds great with headphones. It's a lot more atmospheric with the VR element.

  4. Went off psvr pretty quick once the novelty wore off. Most games are pretty much the same and one dimensional. This looks no different. I think the psvr will become a Kinect eventually.

  5. It was not Panic Button who ported, but rather obscure indie studio Archiact, which explain technical shortcomings… They need to fix the scale and come on, this 2004 should run at 4K in VR easily…

  6. It's a pretty fun port, the only thing that feels particularly off to me is the world scaling. Everything feels just a little too small. Character models seem like they have grapefruit sized heads. The gun and hand size seems ok, but everything else around you seems shrunken. It reminds me of bravo team but that had the opposite problem, the scaling felt way too big.


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