Free Stuff in the VR Apocalypse! | Apocalyse Runner VR Review and giveaway


Todays review is on a game still in development, Apocalypse Runner! In this game you need to run through maps avoiding obstacles and zombies trying to get as far as you can before being eaten.

**Itch.IO 2x Game Key giveaway for Apocalypse Runner! Simply comment RUN!! or your best joke and/or running pun to be in for a chance to win one of the game kays!**


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My VR Equipment:
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i7 h10750
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21 thoughts on “Free Stuff in the VR Apocalypse! | Apocalyse Runner VR Review and giveaway”

  1. I'm a big fan of gaming/vr fitness as well! I just spent the whole day running around dressed as a zombie. I’m DEAD on my feet 😂 Can't wait to see more reviews of these types of games from you 💪

  2. It looks pretty decent for it still being in development. A soundtrack, death animation, power ups to give you immunity or run boost, probably a hand mirror could work to see the zombies chasing behind you.

  3. This game looks pretty good! Could be a big hit when you think of the android type games like this that are already out, plus the work out aspect! I would deffo give this a go! Nowt better than a good ol' RUUUUUNNNNNNNN


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