Cosmodread Review – VR Survival Horror Roguelike in Space


Cosmodread is a worthy successor to the cult-classic grandfather of VR horror games, Dreadhalls. Although it doesn’t do a whole lot to push the genre forward in many meaningful ways, it absolutely nails the suffocating terror, incredibly immersive atmosphere, and unnerving tension that makes VR horror so powerful.

This review was recorded on the Oculus Quest 2 with only the first hour of gameplay featured.

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18 thoughts on “Cosmodread Review – VR Survival Horror Roguelike in Space”

  1. Go with Zombie Land…it’s a few more bucks but well worth it and it’s fun as hell and addicting
    UPDATE I also purchased cosmodread and I have to say I was half wrong on my original I say GET BOTH games because they are both fun and the replay value alone in Cosmodread is worth the $15 price tag.I stand corrected.
    These are Facts

  2. I was so disappointed when I learned this was going to be another roguelike game. This genre just feels like a cheap gimmick to extend the play time of shorter games. Rather than making a full-length experience, devs have discovered they can just make the player start over hundreds of times and call it a "Roguelike" game and people will eat it up! Would anyone be interested in the first season of my new "roguelike" TV show? It's just one episode, but every time you watch, it plays in a slightly different order.


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