Firewall: Zero Hour Review for PlayStation VR


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Firewall: Zero Hour is finally upon us, and after spending some time with this new tactical 4vr multiplayer VR shooter, I think it’s safe to say this might be the greatest PlayStation VR game yet, but don’t just take my word for it, check out the review []-)

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26 thoughts on “Firewall: Zero Hour Review for PlayStation VR”

  1. Hi I have a question I got this game for my daughter but she keeps getting a error message I guess saying The host has abandoned the game and it kicks her out of the match. Any insight you might have a solution would be helpful thank you

  2. Hey Frank love the Vids. I would have liked to know about the aim control and in game play being about 12" off, unlike farpoint and others. It just doesn't feel right and harder to aim when at nipple height.

  3. Hey frank, you wont believe this, but did you know theres a guy on youtube who looks sounds and even acts like you! his channel is all about vr too! Whats really weird is the dudes name is also Frank! And he is copying your channels name, he calls it pc vr frank! Thats so weird! Maybe you have a twin brother you didnt know you had.

  4. Best PSVR game to date. Addictive and an adrenaline rush it is a system seller especially when played with the aim controller. Yes it has teething troubles, matchmaking and balancing issues aside it is a must buy.

  5. Can I just ask why this scored less than Pixel Ripped? Given how many videos you are doing for FZH at the moment (and I can’t find any for Pixel Ripped), I would have thought it should score more??

  6. WEll, this game is amazing as far as I can tell, they really should of had something like this at launch, it would have been much easier to sell VR, instead, they release it after a year or 2 after all the hype has died down and there were only a handfull of decent games. I really hope its not too late to bring this to the mainstream as it is amazing and if more people get into it, developers will put much bigger budgets into it and the games will be incredible but only time will tell. Gamers and developers have really shit the bed when it comes to VR, more so developers for barely putting in any effort into developing games and making VR look like a gimmick when anyone who has played it knows the potential of how great it really is. Gamers are a stickly bunch too, being too cheap and too eager to pass anything off that they arnt familiar with as a gimmick as they are basically addicts who just want to play the same expierences over and over and maybe too poor or cheap to risk a few dollars on something that may not deliver… Its the old predicament, what came first, the developers or the dollar bills… The developers already have cash cows that they know will sell and can easily bring them tonnes of money without any innovation or imagination so they just stick with what works. Its sad to see, but I guess the consumers are going to be the ones to dictate if we will continue to expand out our VR horizon or not because the developers are too happy to give you the same shit every year and not have to risk anything trying something new. I feel like the developers are missing out on a real opportunity to do something great (this game not included) and make a memorable and exciting new experience that will have fans for years to come if they just bring their A game to a real innovation like VR is.


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