MSI WS75 Workstation Laptop Review – Testing for 3D Modeling, Rendering, and VR


MSI W75 is a 17” mobile workstation that is thin and light. It absolutely packs a punch. In this video, I test the laptop on different architectural softwares such as SketchUp, Revit, Enscape, Lumion, V-Ray, and even VR. Can this laptop replace the desktops?

Laptop Spec:
Intel i9-10980HK
Nvidia Quadro RTX5000 Max-Q
MiniLED 4K 60Hz 17.3″

MSI WS75 Product Page:


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27 thoughts on “MSI WS75 Workstation Laptop Review – Testing for 3D Modeling, Rendering, and VR”

  1. i received the laptop yesterday and im not satisfied : -issue with temperture when i touch the laptop its too hot i just use youtube no programme installed – fun noise too much – bad sound quality – i ordred quadro 5000 when i check i find it with max q . amazon accept to return it or no , i want my money back, tell me if you know if they accept or no.

  2. Hi, I really like your review because it is oriented to architecture, most of the reviews of that kind of laptops are orientated to gaming. One question, What would you recommend me for architectural uses like modeling, archviz, real time visualization, vr, with 3ds max, vray, unreal engine, etc. this kind of laptop with a quadro rtx 5000 or one with the new gen of nvidia like the 3080?

  3. hello, i am trying to find the right laptop for a long time.. no gaming, no video editing, no autocad or render work.. i will only use laptop for financial trading stock programs that need high CPU, SSD and ram. and laptop will be used from 09:00 am to 11 pm // all day nearly of course not will battery, always plugded in. i read some coil whine problems abaout this model.. can you advice this model for me ? heating /cooling issued and stable performance? thank you

  4. Hi Kim, would you do a full comparison between Hp Zbook Fury 17 G7 and MSI WS75? Which one have a better manufacturing quality and performance?

  5. Thank you for this. Its great a review,. if may I ask, which one is better or you will recommend for daily Engineering and Arch 3D rendering works. liks sketch up, revit, Cad, Lumion etc.

    MSI P65 or MSI WS75? 😊

  6. Regarding the 64W usb-C charger- I was considering getting the ASUS G14 and replacing it's bulky charger brick with a similar universal 65W charger.
    ASUS support gave me the feeling that despite this is an option to charge the laptop with- they're not guaranteeing any performance possibilities without using the original brick charger.
    So, ok, you won't be able to play games, but what about editing videos on Premiere/ Davinci + using Photoshop? Could 65W be sufficient to keep it charged?

  7. Hi Joseph, I am an architecture majoring student and I am searching for a new laptop. Then I came across your video and it seems both MSI WS66 and WS75 will be a great investment! I know that they are expensive but I’m a huge procrastinator and need my rendering process to be fast. so I am willing to pay that extra $$ for better CPU and RAM. Anyhow, I was wondering which one you would suggest between WS66 vs WS 75. Or any other laptop recommendations…? Thank you for the video (:

  8. Hi Joseph!
    Halfway through the year, I bought an MSI GS66 Stealth i9-10980HK 16GB, unfortunately, I had to return it 'cause the noise it was making me crazy, I thought that at any moment the computer was going to take off, now I have the opportunity to buy this machine or a Razer Blade 15 Studio, I would like to know which one you could recommend to me in terms of noise and performance (the price is very similar and works perfectly for my 3D work) Thank you very much for your videos & by the way incredible reviews!
    Thank you <3

  9. How much of a performance difference would you expect between, say, a Quadro RTX GPU that’s in this laptop vs a Quadro T1000 for CAD applications? Hopefully not much. I’m looking at the WF 65 because of the less weight for travel & portability. Thanks.


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