Pavlov VS Onward – A VR FPS Comparison


42 thoughts on “Pavlov VS Onward – A VR FPS Comparison”

  1. (DISCLAMER: This is my personal experiences with both games on the Oculus Quest platform only.)

    Since Pavlov: Shack came out on the Oculus Quest's Applab feature, I have been able to try both games, and I have to say that Pavlov takes the cake.

    The guns feel so much smoother in Pavlov, and I feel like the guns are more powerful even if they are doing less damage.
    In onward, everything just feels so… off. The lighting on the Quest platform is horrendous. From my personal experience, I can't even tell my team from the enemy team in most situations. This definitely doesn't add to any multiplayer experiences. Not to mention the visuals, the guns are acceptable, but the player models are practically from the PS1 era.

    In Pavlov, however, the player models are detailed, the guns look incredible, and the visuals are perfection for the Quest platform. The guns feel so smooth, with much better reloads and more fun physics altogether.

    Since Pavlov: Shack is an Applab game, the developers only have it in open beta currently, so its completely free at this point in time. This does get annoying, since Oculus friends don't work with Applab games, rendering the friends tab completely obsolete for the moment. This makes Onward more accessible, being able to filter by friends when looking for community servers.

    Overall, I would say that Pavlov: Shack is a better choice for an Oculus Quest FPS, Onward just doesn't match up to it. This is only my personal opinion when comparing the two games, if you have a better time playing Onward, I respect your opinion, this is just what I think.

  2. With PAVLOV coming to quest soon,
    (Its in beta on app lab for FREE)
    As long as it has crossplay and all the same gameplay opportunities as PCVR (Of course with some graphical downgrades to handle it all),i think it will be pretty decent. Both games are really fun, but personally I prefer ONWARD for its more realism focused gameplay.

  3. Pavlovs health makes it more analogous to CoD (more shots to kill on average, headshots are important, slightly more health means playing risky is somewhat rewarded) while Onward winds up being more analogous to CS:GO (Less bullets to kill, headshots one-shot most of the time even though they aren't required, easier to die means playing riskier is less rewarding while careful play is ideal)

  4. Video came out before this update but, I'd say Pavlov is even more worth it now because it essentially has an entire new game within itself as of the WW2 update, as well as a fucking fully functioning tank. If that doesn't sell it, then what will lol

  5. Unfortunately I have them all. Contractors, Pavlov, Zero Caliber and Onward. Bought them in that order too unfortunately. Because the Onward experience is what I was looking for. I prefer "sim" gaming. Both in racing and FPS. So think of the first three like Forza and Need for Speed and Onward like iRacing or Assetto Corsa.

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