Checking out a cool VR accessory: the Hyperkin Hyper Blaster with Vive Tracker bundle while playing Operation Warcade VR.
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Today we are doing two reviews in one video. We will talk about the Hyperkin Hyper Blaster (VR gun) and Vive Tracker bundle. And use the gun to review the FPS VR game Operation Warcade.

We will first start with what is in the Vive Tracker bundle, explain about the Vive Tracker and review the Hyper Blaster specifications. We will then show you a short gameplay video while using the gun on HTC Vive. And at the end of this video we will let you know what we think of both the Hyper Blaster and the game (13:04). Let’s see if the Hyperkin Hyper Blaster is able to enhance our Virtual Reality FPS experience!

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15 thoughts on “HYPER BLASTER WITH VIVE TRACKER REVIEW (VR GUN)! | Operation Warcade VR Gameplay (HTC Vive)”

  1. 03:42 Strong throwing arm you got there Cas! Now you just have to work on your driving skills… :P. PS: At the measurements (01:55 you say for example 9 dot 5 inch but I think the correct way to pronounce it is 9 point 5 inch,… just a small thing I noticed, not hating 😉

  2. We more game like that one. Why nobody makes Virtua Cop, House of the Dead, Silent Scope in VR? Op Warcarde is really nice game to shoot for 20-30min, is not the best quality but is only one on the market.

  3. Thanks for your video! Just a couple of points
    1- If you open the game without the VIVE-Tracker you will fly planes, helicopters and you'll also have another second arcade machine to play. Helicopter piloting missions are my favorite.
    2- All the arcades inside Operation Warcade can be played: They are our other games but of course you must download it from steam 😉 Final Soccer, Off-Road paradise, etc


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