PSVR frank. Review: Eagle Flight PlayStation VR


17 thoughts on “PSVR frank. Review: Eagle Flight PlayStation VR”

  1. Eagle Flight would have stronger 3D in PSVR if you could remove the beak which absorbs a lot of the 3D's focus, reducing the city to weaker 3D as a result. Would be cool if you could land and walk around in the game to explore a bit.

  2. great game play, hope they ramp up the multi player game maybe a race or follow the leader, man it would be fun just to fly around and show off your skills. O ya do the mics work on this can't get anyone to talk to me

  3. frank, I love your videos…but please…pay attention…and listen carefully.. Its VERY IMPORTANT: Use a MICROFONE. some videos like robinson journey seemed like your were in a fucking bathroom being raped by 5 wolves. Just invest on a Mic….you already have my thumbs up!!!

  4. How Does Nobody or at least enouth ppl want to play it?
    it seems awesome , More Vr Games to my list . thx man lol

    "COME ON "
    on That Point You sound like Someone from the Mafia , Cool LOL

  5. Everytime I try to get into multi-player in this game I end up just waiting on players and giving up after a few minutes. I enjoyed the solo game play but the story mode disappointed me. I hope i get to try the multiplayer soon.


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