Stones of Harlath Review – VR Gamescast


We reviewed Stones of Harlath live in our VR Gamescast studio – and Jamie loved the art but there was definitely a couple things lacking. Read our full review:

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7 thoughts on “Stones of Harlath Review – VR Gamescast”

  1. Reminds me of The Morrigan. Like this game, it's a dungeon crawler with sword combat interspersed with visits to a town where you can buy items. That game also had the issue of being too basic, as it misses out on possible VR interactions and doesn't dive deep into its gameplay concepts.

    The difference is that The Morrigan is fun to play. The sword combat is great, with actual stabs, directional swipes, parries, and no waggle! And there are some nice scripted moments in some of the dungeons. Definitely worth it on sale

  2. I picked it up and it’s unfortunate but it’s another VR game that fails to fill its shoes. VR games should focus first and foremost on immersion, a feeling of deep presence and interaction with the world. Instead this game just recycled concepts from late 80s gaming and made it VR. Ok.


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