Vive Pro 2 Review


After testing out the HTC Vive Pro 2 for the past few days, I’m here to share my thoughts on it. Throughout this video I’ll be comparing to the Vive Pro 1, Valve Index, and Reverb G2. All of my PC specs and links to previous headset reviews are down below. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:59 Colors & Contrast
2:20 Clarity
4:20 Frame rate
5:19 FOV
6:52 Sweet Spot
7:58 Comfort
9:17 Controllers
10:59 Tracking
11:36 Audio
12:27 Microphone
13:04 Price
13:46 Conclusion

PC Specs
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134
System Model LENOVO 90DD000SUS
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4008 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
RAM: 32.0 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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24 thoughts on “Vive Pro 2 Review”

  1. With a 1080 ti you can never test such glasses, the demands of the glasses are much higher, you cannot get any results what these glasses can really do

  2. Everyone is reporting a low humming sound emitting from their Vive Pro 2 headphones. When there is no audio and just silent, all you can hear is the hum. I thought it was just me, but looking on reddit everyone is getting this. Do you hear it too?

  3. The only problem I had with this review is that he didn't even get a chance to try it at the highest resolution. He's commenting on sub-5K resolution and sub-120 Hz refresh rate. I wonder what the thoughts would be if he could have seen those.

  4. So …. the discussion of FOV is a waste of time, too many variables. For me my htc vive 1 is that round circle you showed and the HP G2 is like the Pro 2, where it wide and open with the best clarity. I also have to say I'm still completely happy with the Vive wands and still use them with my HP G2. Finally, the controllers that come with the G2, are complete and total ass. Not even close to adequate. I tried all lighting conditions, they just suck balls. It should also be noted working through all the quirks of the HP G2 and WMR, is not for the faint of heart. After weeks of sorting shit out and many hours of frustration I got it all working and only then did I fall in love with it.

  5. 1080ti and intel with only 4 cores ? you are joking man 😀 with that many subscribers you can have some income to upgrade your rig or you keeping it low on purpose ?

  6. With the sweet spot, I kinda get the same with my G2. I feel it's not totally centered but a bit lower. This could be due to my face shape or eye but I have to shift the headset a little bit higher to get the sweet spot.

  7. The reason why LCD is so common now is that there is almost no OLED panel that has an RGB subpixel structure, the vast majority uses pentile. Which gives you less subpixels for the same rendered image. On top of that the fill factor (pixel size vs size of gaps between them) is worse on OLED so far. If we are to see another non-LCD panel, I would bet it will come from either Sony in the PSVR 2 or from Samsung throwing a sick AMOLED in their next headset.
    It mostly depends on what you play – if you play dark games like Elite Dangerous or even Beat Saber, OLED makes sense, but for everything else, LCD is pretty good, for stuff that requires you reading small text like cockpits in flightsims, LCD will be the better choice.

  8. – Zero screen door effect

    – FOV is not an issue, as I have the thinner Kiwi VR cover face pad

    – Very comfortable & evenly balanced

    – Sweetspot, still struggling, but it's "OK". You do have to have your eyes below center of the lenses.

    – Clarity/sharpness – it almost feels like there is a plastic film on the lenses. I have it on High setting as I only have the 1080TI. I need a better card with display port 1.4 to unlock Ultra and Extreme modes.

    – God rays are a bitch across all text

    – LCD and the black levels – dark scenes, yes they are grey and not black.

    – Panel is quite dark compared to the original Vive which was almost blindingly bright

    – Sound is good with the on-ear headphones

    Conclusion: I'm keeping it, but I agree with the other reviewers out there, it's not a pro. Definitely a HMD that will appreciate RTX 3000 or future graphics cards.

    I'm also using the Index Controllers and original Vive Basestations. The wands are not needed in 2021!

  9. Not enough people talking about the loss of depth and colour with the departure from OLED.
    In realistic depictions you don't lose a lot going with LCD except real darkness.
    But in depicting the fantastic the vivid colours you can get in dark scenes with OLED are just so beautiful that it really drives home the sense of being in a fantastic place.
    As for every other consideration they all pale in comparison to going wireless.
    So if you can afford to shun Facebook i'd probably try to get a second hand Vive Pro.

  10. I had an email last night stating it will take 2 weeks to deliver. The very next day, I received my HTC Vive Pro 2! I agree with you about having to adjust the sweetspot. You do have to adjust so the eyes are below the center of the lenses to get it looking just right. It seems to be a small sweetspot in that respect.

    I have come from the original HTC Vive wireless with the Gear VR lens mod that I did. They massively improved the quality and totally removed god rays for me.

    Now coming to the Vive Pro 2 with the stacked lenses, the God Rays are all over the place. Trying hard to get everything in focus too. I actually thought maybe the lenses have a plastic film on them. No screen door at all though & very comfy too. I also have the 1080TI because you know, graphics cards don't exist anymore lol. So I am also limited to the High setting. I need a RTX 3000 or 4000 series card, have to wait until stock fixes itself hopefully by end of the year. This Vive Pro 2 is definitely a future proof. If there is a lens mod, I'd be interested in that, but not sure if possible being stacked lenses now & no alternatives.

  11. I'll be honest though, I'm not fond of the Quest 2, it is a weak headset standalone, especially for us modders making content for video games, the headset is so limited, that I have to go as far as reduce characters down to 7k polycount in 2021, just to get Quest 2 to actually run somewhat fine. All and all, I hope Valve makes another Index, I want to get a VR headset, but I'm not keen on feeding the Facebook corporation.

    That said though, everyone talks about how "great" quest 2 is, yet most still prefer to use their index, because it is still the better one. As always though, wonderful video Ben, vive or index is my options personally, so I appreciate the details about this vive headset. I'm leaning hard towards index though, but getting an idex is the same as trying to get a new GPU, so vivee may be my only option. xD


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