We NEED to Talk About the HTC Vive Pro 2 Review Debacle…


Hello and welcome to CHEWSDAY NEWSDAY! Your number one resource for the entire week’s worth of VR news. Not gonna lie there was some pretty horrendous drama regarding the Vive Pro 2, reviews, HTC, and myself recently. I made a massive mistake. Never thought I would be making an apology style video, but here it is. I think this will also clear up a lot of bad dirt people have on HTC recently or in the immediate past. Also, Quest 2 news on Android support as well as FARCRY in VR!

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39 thoughts on “We NEED to Talk About the HTC Vive Pro 2 Review Debacle…”

  1. It takes a big person to admit their mistakes and try to be better. I wish everyone understood the value in that and I’m pleased to see that my number one source for VR news understands that and is leading by example. <3

  2. It takes a lot of guts to make a wholehearted apology like this. I think most of us can relate to your reaction. But on what you were covering earlier, it really pisses me when video game developers say such closed minded things about a part of the gaming industry that has the potential to change everything. What makes a great game is taking risks and putting your heart into your product. I guess people like him are just worried about the money though and not really what made the money. It's probably one of those cases of somebody being afraid of change.

  3. I mean I didn't and wont pick your side at all thrill nor do I really care, you should just name this video "I'm sorry HTC" and get it overwith. VRO and MRTV do a better job at reviewing anyways.

  4. Man, I really like your videos, top notch content there!

    I have a small suggestion tho. Please consider showing the name of the game on screen when you display footage of it. So many times I say to myself "wow I wonder what game that is" and then go off to using my google-fu to search for it using miniscule details that you show haha. It would really be a lot easier if you just specified what that is right away!

    Good luck!

  5. i kinda dont want cash cow games on VR… its so nice being able to purchase a VR game and get the whole game, even online games you dont need to spend more on microtransactions just to win… (*cough cough* GTA:O RDR:O, Fortnite, every COD game etc. etc.) one of the biggest points i bring up when recommending VR is "there is no EA. activision, ubisoft, just games made for the love of making games" so go ahead take two, hate VR, just keeping the platform pure

  6. this video honestly describes why im buying a vive pro 2 my first and current headset is an orgininal vive and I love that thing. HTC have had a hard time and they have fucked up they are out of touch but they have done a lot for the vr community and right now they really need those sails if we want to see more from them

  7. I find it funny how people in VR now have a hierarchy of headsets now, if you play on a cosmos you got ripped off, if you play on a quest you are considered less by pc users, and then you have the valve users who are chads and in fact talk crap about their own headsets.

  8. I’ve been a VR enthusiast for awhile, I’ve owned tons of headsets and in general it’s one of the subjects I’m most knowledgeable about. I’m really not impressed with it anymore. The Rift 2 was going to be the headset that saved everything and they scrapped it. The G2 is a mess, the vive pro 2 is just a vive pro with swapped out displays… the index was already outdated when it came out and the psvr 2 is looking grim… the quest 2 is the best headset on the market right now and it’s still uncomfortable with a low fov, lack of necessary features, and a facebook login requirement… software is not the issue. there are plenty of good vr games. shadow point, half life alyx, moss etc… the hardware is just awful. no one is making strides where it’s important. the index controllers were the first step in the right direction. Not everything is about resolution and clarity. someone needs to do something good and innovative fast. im about to give up.

  9. Everyone is reporting a low humming sound emitting from their Vive Pro 2 headphones. When there is no audio and just silent, all you can hear is the hum. I thought it was just me, but looking on reddit everyone is getting this. Do you hear it too?

  10. My issue with the apology is that you're not wrong for asking for it to be delivered on time, you ordered it right when announced so they definitely know in regards to how many units they need to ship.

    It's very worrying that a company producing electronic parts has issues in a pandemic in regards to cutting down, VR completely took off in that time and it shows there's a market for it and that the issue is more the product being a failure rather than the market, so they should have realized where they went wrong (the product) and sorted that out, rather than let go the entire department they need to handle fall-out.

    Unless HTC does something actually interesting, don't think they'll manage to keep going in the consumer space, they don't really have anything right now that makes one pick them over anyone else.

  11. To much ranting bro, sorry I stopped watching after 2 minutes in the HTC part…they are Korean and Chinese, different culture, they don't act the same as the West…just be more patient…if u can buy stuff great, if like me when u first started and have almost no revenue from your channel and you can't then I have to find people who are willing to sponsor the channel its the only way….its better to put your energy into more productive ways to help the industry, for example, highlighting the good things they bring to the table instead of allowing other for example Facebook to become pioneers when their intentions are clearly not to help VR at all….HTC strategy is different, there's nothing personal about it…they just experimenting and seeing what works for them….maybe the consumer is simply not ready, facebook willing to do it because they make tons of money elsewhere, but VR clearly doesn't generate the revenue required to sustain a normal hardware technology company…we need more time, and the enterprise business makes sense because one company can bring in hundreds of employees into it….try to bring light to smaller companies that can see the light of day, don't waste your precious time on this earth or electricity and editing skills on stuff that isn't productive 🙂 Take care and stay safe

  12. Yo covid-19 was not a big problem in Taiwan before, but recently we started to get more and more people who caught covid-19. Recently a lot of businesses have stopped operation due to it. That is why their are problems, since this big wave of covid was unexpected.

  13. What a ridiculous comment from the CEO of Take Two.
    I mean VR is a new creative experience and one of the best ways to bring people together..
    He just means oh VR market is to low, hardware is not on the same level as consoles and no ability to sell on the same level as triple a releases.

    Just wait untill the balance shifts and VR is really taking off. Good lucking transitioning to VR games when you have no developing expierence.

  14. I think you are putting to much weight on your shoulders. i watch you because you are insightful and smart, but mostly because you are chill. I don't think you need to act like VR Jesus and be super respectful of every company you talk with. If anything you've definitely got a locked in sub from me. You do you man, and be who you wanna be.

  15. I was one of the redditors that took issue with you over the HTC thing. I've absolutely lost my cool before and you coming forth and owning up to it is big, dude. This goes a long way with me. Thanks for this.


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