Carve Snowboarding Review – VR Gamescast


We reviewed Carve Snowboarding on this week’s VR Gamescast, live every Thursday @ 10am PT! Although Jamie and Zeena didn’t have high hopes for this Oculus Quest 2 title, it won over Jamie’s heart this week:

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9 thoughts on “Carve Snowboarding Review – VR Gamescast”

  1. Great game, as a former snowboarder I love it. One thing I would lovr to see is a giant board park level with a massive half pipe on one side and just big gnarly jumps and rails in succession on the other side.

  2. Need improvement graphics , 120hz, MULTIPLAYER…, but so fantastic game. Big sensation, great gameplay, i love it
    One last thing , more emotion and movement for the cute dog in the chalet😜

  3. I'm a gigantic 1080 fan and neither of the directors for 64 seem to be involved on the project, who is this "creator" they keep referencing in marketing? I'd really like to know.

    The game is absolutely sick: great music, the sensation is fantastic, makes me sad that it's the summer and there is no snow!


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