HTC Vive Pro 2 Review – Worth The Upgrade?


I get hands on with the brand new HTC Vive Pro 2. In this video, I’ll unbox the HTC Vive Pro 2 and give you all the information you need to know on the specs, design, FOV, resolution, price, release date and much much more…

You can check out the new HTC Vive Pro 2 here;

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50 thoughts on “HTC Vive Pro 2 Review – Worth The Upgrade?”

  1. I have been using a Samsung odyssey + and I mostly sim XPlane 11 and Elite. So could not justify upgrade to an Index coz it has the same resolution as what I have and yes Index has more sub pixels but I have OLED and sure Index has way better tracking and audio but $1000 for an upgrade with the "same" resolution? Then there is the G2 very tempting, better resolution but now I have the WMR crap that I am already dealing with and the controls suck. I know I could do a G2 index knuckles mix but then I have even more platform layers and 3rd party ones to boot! However, I think the Vive pro 2 is my next upgrade. Sure it's not perfect but nothing ever is. Do I wish it did not have Fresnel? Sure. Is the Index 2 going to be better? Probably but if you keep waiting for the next better thing you will never buy. I think I will pull the trigger on this and a pair of valve base stations and controllers. I have never played Alex because I wanted to wait.

  2. I just bought Index's controllers on their own (I have Vive Pro and 1.0 base stations). They were delivered today. Then I found out Vive Pro 2 is released!! I nearly had a heart attack (knowing nothing about it!). Quickly came across this review and now feeling very happy, no need to upgrade to Vive Pro 2 headset :D. I'm using the wireless kit too. Thanks!

  3. My Vive Pro 2 has to be returned, I got the low humming sound in the headphones, the clarity was hurting my eyes, but now, just like others are posting online…my displays are broken! The lower half of the displays has vertcal lines which will not go away. At least 10 others have posted the same issues. Time to get a full refund.

  4. Currently looking at purchasing my first HMD and with the Index finally becoming available near me, Im not sure if the Vive Pro or Index would be better. Am a glasses wearer for distance. Any suggestions.

  5. What is your clarity like? Mine looks like it has vaseline smeared across it. I'm having real issues getting clarity on text. The sweetspot itself is small, but when adjusting the IPD you can see the green vertical and horizontal lines, they're sharp. I actually checked the lenses a few times just to be sure there was not plastic film protecting the lenses. I'm on High setting due to having GTX 1080 Ti.

  6. Can I have your old brother gaming PC when you get a new one. It’s your fault I got a Quest 2 so it’s kinda your obligation to me now right!!?!? 🙂 lol plzzzzz

  7. Hi 👋 A little question from me 😃
    If I buy a ocules quest 2 how many GB Is best?? 64 or 256 GB??
    If my English not is so good is it because I am from Denmark 😃
    Nice video 😊

  8. They've doing the standard MVP sales pitch test the market to see who will buy it only the kids that have fat pockets. If you get this you should use it for making money not wasting time gaming. VIVE HTC is out !! Consumer market

  9. thanks for this awsome Video! =) its sad that there is still no USB-C Connector -.- frankly they missed a lot of good chances with this Headset (f.e. Eyetracking like u said, or the face tracker build in) this would have been killer features… but in that case I will stay with my Index for longer =)

  10. Everyone is reporting a low humming sound emitting from their Vive Pro 2 headphones. When there is no audio and just silent, all you can hear is the hum. I thought it was just me, but looking on reddit everyone is getting this. Do you hear it too?

  11. HTC need to change their headset and controller design and there prices a bit other wise they will be a non existent company I will never order one if they don’t do this oculus quest 2 is better then this to me getting a oculus quest 2 in just a few weeks and glad that I’m not getting a htc sort your life out htc otherwise u will be a non exsistent be company in a few years

  12. "Frensnel lens we we know and love". Are freaking kidding?!? After getting used to Gears lens upgrade on my Vive 1, going back to Vive pro 2 to old horrendous blur, godrays and tiny sharp spot, I've decided to return the headset immediately, as the 5k is totally diminished by these prehistoric lens design. No point in having 120' FOV if it's blurred if you eyes only move little more to the sides. And I feel the display is more washed out too. I'll go to Vive Pro and upgrade to Gears lens, until they really put in some effort with the lenses… Ridiculous…

  13. I had an email yesterday stating it has shipped and that it could take up to 2 weeks. Well, I got it the very next day! I was very surprised.

    – Zero screen door effect

    – FOV is not an issue, as I have the thinner Kiwi VR cover face pad

    – Very comfortable & evenly balanced

    – Sweetspot, still struggling, but it's "OK". You do have to have your eyes below center of the lenses.

    – Clarity/sharpness – it almost feels like there is a plastic film on the lenses. I have it on High setting as I only have the 1080TI. I need a better card with display port 1.4 to unlock Ultra and Extreme modes.

    – God rays are a bitch across all text

    – LCD and the black levels – dark scenes, yes they are grey and not black.

    – Panel is quite dark compared to the original Vive which was almost blindingly bright

    – Sound is good with the on-ear headphones

    Conclusion: I'm keeping it, but I agree with the other reviewers out there, it's not a pro. Definitely a HMD that will appreciate RTX 3000 or future graphics cards.

    I'm also using the Index Controllers and original Vive Basestations. The wands are not needed in 2021!

  14. Skyrim VR, heavily modded, of course, and hopefully Fallout 4 VR , modded to be playable. HL Alyx…, maybe when I manage to get 3090 one day without parting with both kidneys for it…

  15. Love your reviews as you actually give your opinion about it. E.g Vive controllers are downright bad and have no place nowadays. Paraphrased ofc.

    My biggest reason for coming back is waiting for that headset that can replace my index with no downsides. It was my first and only headset but in games like Arizona sunshine, trying to actually aim with the iron sights is super hard due to the blurriness of it. IDK if it's just my eyesight but Im shortsighed and can see things up close just fine.

  16. Thanks for that info, for G2 users that it does give better controller tracking but is no step up from the G2 aside from that. Well i will await the actual launch of that set (cause i dont have anything from VIVE) and if price will drop a bit… might go for this.

  17. Question!!! Do you have to have a Facebook account in order to activate and use a HTC Vive??? We have the oc rift but haven't had it on for a long while but was thinking about upgrading to something else without Facebook being the center of our Vr gear..😉👍

  18. Yes totally agree, resolution alone is not enough to upgrade from my Vive Pro 1. Also, they should have built-in eye-tracking considering it was in the Vive Pro Eye, I was pissed off when this was released as it was slightly after I bought my Pro 1. I was also expecting maybe the face tracking included or an upgraded finger controller, considering glove haptics are now a thing, like the Manus that integrates with the Vive system for haptics and for motion capture. Disappointed!

  19. As long as this terrible company still doesn’t issue worldwide recall for their faulty Cosmos, I would never buy anything from this company anymore.

  20. Sad that vive still hasnt learned their lesson from las gen… :/ Its like they wanna lose on propose… Fire the dude whos giving ideas to vive team.. its obvious hes there to sabotage..


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