Onward 2, Boneworks Follow-Up & Carve Snowboarding + ForeVR Bowl Reviews – VR Gamescast


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This week we talk about how the Zuck accidentally revealed Onward 2, Boneworks’ follow-up, how melee could have been the next addition to Half-Life: Alyx & reviews for Carve Snowboarding + ForeVR Bowl!


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7 thoughts on “Onward 2, Boneworks Follow-Up & Carve Snowboarding + ForeVR Bowl Reviews – VR Gamescast”

  1. the bowling game was a disappointment for me too. I found the single player mode very boring and the multiplayer was glitchy. the environments and the balls are beautiful but everything else is too weak for the price tag of this game

  2. I totally agree that Alyx is a great game but they disregarded physical interactions as part of the gameplay. It looks like they wanted this game to be suitable for flat gaming. Still, I disagree with Jamie in that the gameplay and the level design does change at each level: eg the scene of the demolished buildings feels like playing an old Contra/Metal Slug game in VR

  3. Weird flex but I was able to pull off the Half Life Alyx chair thing. It took a bunch of tries, so I agree that you have to know where the headcrab is going to jump. It isn't exactly an organic interaction.


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