Pico Neo 3 FIRST Hands on Review


The Pico Neo 3 is here, and it’s 100% worth checking out! Will Pico’s latest VR headset give the Oculus Quest 2 a run for its money? Time will tell… but first! Check out its features, specs, quality & more with FXG VR’s very own Founder, Nikk Mitchell.

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11 thoughts on “Pico Neo 3 FIRST Hands on Review”

  1. things you you need to test with this VR headset:
    1- thumb touch tracking in the controllers
    2- in lens view of the resolution
    3- wireless and wired gaming on pc compared to the q2
    4- test the field of tracking for the controlers compared to the q2
    5- try beat saber expert + to test how strong the tracking system (for fun) on pc or on the headset itself
    6- test if there any glare on the lenses and how good or bad they are

    ps: not bad for first hands on vid dont stop posting 😉

  2. Hi great video, would you help test eleven: table tennis, see whether it is cross-platform and capable of playing online with players in other countries? I am thinking of getting one for my dad who's in China. Thanks!


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