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Crashland VR is not for those who are scared of spiders, bugs, worms, or anything else that typically lives in the dirt. But… it’s still a damn good game. Find out why in our Crashland VR Oculus Quest Review.

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8 thoughts on “Crashland VR Oculus Quest Review: A Terrifying Shooter | Pure Play TV”

  1. I beat it on normal and it was tough but incredible! Let enemies get close and shoot there weak points. The ones with 3 eyes, just shoot each eye,which also interrupts their attack. If you're attacked by a tick switch to precision fire and aim higher on the weak spot. The giant spiders terrify me but I teleport right under them and shoot the weak spot point blank a few times. If you're overwhelmed, teleport to the opposite side of an explosive plant and get used to luring enemies in groups to them then shoot the plant. The game keeps getting better. I immediately started a second file from scratch on Hard. Brutally difficult but absolutely worth it. Great video!

  2. Looks super generic. The guns, enemies, and planets are very uninteresting. I imagine it's one of those games that only worth playing because VR makes it more interesting. Does't look like it's even in the same ballpark as something like Drop Dead: Dual Strike on the Quest in any category.

  3. Awesome game. Just made it to the last level today. One Question: Why did you stretch the footage? This is normal square format you stretched it to 16:9 you can set the quest 2 recording to 16:9 with sidequest.

  4. Great Commentary, wonderful edits as well as you were very informative and what I Personally can appreciate is whatever your using to capture Thank you for keeping your videos as close to capture to what we would see in the quest 2. A lot of other videos I’ve seen has the game looking super sharp and clear and not realistic to how we would see and experience the game. You gained a new subscriber keep up the good work!👏🏾


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