The Room VR: A Dark Matter | PSVR Re-Review with Mikey Sensei!


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28 thoughts on “The Room VR: A Dark Matter | PSVR Re-Review with Mikey Sensei!”

  1. This was the very first game I wished would come to VR and my wish came true and boy it did not disappoint my only concern was it was a little too short as at least one more chapter could’ve been included I was hoping maybe we will get some DLCS i’ve played all the original games on my iPad it’s not a horror game but I’m very sinister type mystery puzzle game I just hope fireproof games give us more but at this time it seems unlikely, it’s as you say, A you say a mixture of raiders of the lost ark, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter

  2. Great episode! I’ve got too many excellent PSVR games already, but dammit… looks like I’m gonna be adding this the library.

    The shorter length is actually a positive point for me since I know I’ll get to enjoy the whole thing.

  3. Kind of wish I played this before watching, because the anticipation of a jump scare would have been awesome. Now that I know there are no encounters with anything malevolent it will take a bit of the excitement out. Either way, great review!

  4. So much to say about this episode.

    First of all: Mikey!!! I'm so happy to see sis on this. Always pure joy. <3 And giving us all the movie and show references together with Jeremy. 80s and 90s treat. 🙂
    Also thank you Bryan for talking about Zack McCracken, cause it's the first game that came to my mind when you guys said point and click. Who doesn't remember and love the two-headed squirrel, right?

    As for the game I give it something between a two and a one, only cause of the price-length relationship. It's on the short side (although it lasted far more than 5 hrs for me cause I struggled through the church stage, mostly cause I didn't get that I was supposed to go back to the same puzzle every now and then to do different stuff), but it's a super fun game and it truly sucked me in.
    Too bad for the final stage cause at some point the story starts proceeding very fast compared to the rest and it kinda left me with the feeling that something was rushed to close it; it would definitely benefit from a couple of extra stages between the witch one and the pyramid one.
    It's been so long that I honestly have forgotten most of the puzzle by now, so I think I can replay it and find some enjoyment in it.

    And btw, I also had to use YouTube for clues at some point in the church. Don't feel bad, Jer! 😀

  5. Ive seen a lot of people say that node teleporting was a necessary evil for this game and I couldn't disagree more.
    Im with Bryan that it should've been an OPTION.
    A hard mode with smooth loco would've been my preferred way of experiencing this game.
    I did enjoy the game, but much like Deracine it'll never have the impact I wish it would've.

  6. According to my trophy list, this game took me 2hr34min soooo… in my defense, this is basically a 3 room escape-room-game and real escape rooms come with a 1hr time limit(usually) so it was mostly just habit

    Edit: mind you, I was so focused on escaping that I completely missed the story and didn't realize there was stuff to read on the pieces of paper that would appear until right at the end so yeah, going back for that

  7. One thing I notice about these videos is that attack on titan poster! I see it in many of Brian's videos! I f-ing love that shit lol! They make great videos tho n they have the best reviews! Keep up the good work guys!

  8. OMG I love seeing yet another GameCat on the show. Mikey-you-are-my Sensei!! You fit in beautifully with Bryan and Jeremy. Thank you for the deep dive into The Room VR although I was worried there was going to be some tension over the Dualshock admission from Jeremy. Fabulous show!!


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