VR WAVE PRESCRIPTION LENS INSERTS REVIEW – Never Scratch your Quest 2 / Reverb G2 Lenses Again!


You are wearing glasses and own the Oculus Quest 2 or the Reverb G2. You have a problem, because you could scratch your lenses. There are lots of prescription lenses out there for Quest 2 / Reverb G2, but the VR Wave ones are MAGNETIC, at least the Quest ones! Check out my review here!

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48 thoughts on “VR WAVE PRESCRIPTION LENS INSERTS REVIEW – Never Scratch your Quest 2 / Reverb G2 Lenses Again!”

  1. I need up ordering the magnetic VR wave lenses just for the fact that I’m sharing my quest 2 and installing and uninstalling other lenses over and over again will eventually wear out the tabs. This is the perfect solution as it doesn’t wear out. Awesome!

  2. Hey Sebastian! Just wanted to say thanks and that I used your code – for PS VR lenses actually.

    I was in two-minds about it as they're quite expensive (came to approximately £90 with lens options and delivery), and also because I know the PS VR headset is ageing fast and that I'll be upgrading at the end of 2022 or somewhere mid-2023 (basically when PS5 VR launches, but I'll probably wait for the PS5 Slim/hardware revision expected in 2023).

    I knew I needed to go with either VR Wave or VROptician as they're the only ones that develop lenses for PS VR. VR Wave's had a much better sized lens/FOV, so when I saw you pop up after searching to see which of my favourite VR YouTubers had provided a review discount – yours made sense! I hope this helps your channel in some way. All the best!

  3. I already bought widmo for my G2 before I know about this video. All I can say is I am very happy with the inserts. I was using a mix of contacts or glasses before. The inserts definitely are the best experience for me, contacts in second place, glasses work but so much better with inserts now. I have yet to try Frankenfov mods yet. I will do that next. I just want to say I for one am satisfied that the inserts are a worthy improvement. Last thing, the value of the magnetic feature seems marginal to me. I remove my inserts fairly often, if I happen to be wearing contacts. It's easy peasy with Widmo, which don't have magnets, as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Can someone help and explain what means SPH, CYL, AXS? All I know that my left eye is PWR -2.25 and right is -1.75, IPD the best for me is 65, Also want to take with Blue Light Filter and Anti-Glare. Btw on my contact lenses also have some information BC 8.4, DIA 14.2 and don't know what is that.

  5. I bought lenses from VRoptician, but they use very thick adaptors. My eyelashes allready touch the glass with using the standard facecover of HP Reverb G2. They had no plans atm to make thinner adaptor for holding the lenses. So i am a shit outta luck for the time being.

  6. I really don't understand why u have to give an IPD for the Reverb G2 lenses, since the ipd is adjustable. For the quest 2 i can understand it since it doesn't have adjustable IPD (i have 30.2 / 29.4 = 59.6)
    Currently i don't own a decent VR headset (i have a Pimax 4K which only supports piplay not pitool, so no steamVR or WMR. I can only use it to watch movies)
    Waiting for the Deca Gear (or French UNAi if that's affordable)

  7. Really nice to see prescription lenses come out for the HP Reverb G2 finally. Thank you for reviewing these for us. I trust your knowledge and instincts, and so far you have not let me down. Keep up the great work, I really enjoy and appreciate the news, information, and informed opinions you share with us.

  8. Those are cool but the base of the lenses for the Quest 2 become loose after some time sadly and when you tried to put off the magnteic part the whole thing come in your hand instead of just the lenses

  9. Sebastion, you forgot to mention two things everybody wants to know. Where is this company located? What is the delivery time for EU and America?

  10. Can you answer a question once and for all? VROptician insist that you need Distance prescription, whereas my understanding is that typical focal distance of VR headsets is 1.5 to 2M which is NOT distance for me. I only need +. 25/+.75 distance and an Add of about +1.00 for that 2M distance. From your experience which distance should you order for? Note that I'm an older user so have much less 'accommodation' than youngsters.

  11. I am very disappointed that there isn't something simple like this for my lenovo explorer. I have been very happy with it, but not wearing my glasses causes eye fatigue for me. I've done a few mods like straps for the controllers, velore facial interface, and an extra strap for the head. But man I'd like a simple prescription lens for it.

  12. If you wear reading glasses (+2) but have normal eyesight otherwise, what would the equivalent prescription be? My understanding is VR headsets are typically focused at about 1m (~3ft).

  13. Is there any practical benefit to the blue light filter and anti-glare filter within VR? You won't be getting any external light interference anyway, so what does this actually benefit, being that all the light is coming from the headset's display?

  14. Does anyone know if that Polywatch product really does work in fixing scratches on VR headset lenses? I held a VR party with my G2 and I think someone's glasses scratched the lens. It's like a smudge but when you look closely it's made up of many very tiny abrasions. And now I just got my first set of eyeglasses as well and I'm afraid of making that worse.

  15. What are the best ones for Reverb G2??
    Those magnetic ones look badass.

    For Quest1 I have Widmo and VR optician, I like the Widmo more, they don't touch my nose as much (narrow ipd 58).

  16. Hi Sebastian. Thanks for the great video! I didn't even consider there was such a thing. I have the G2 and am disappointed that these aren't magnetic like on the quest because my whole family uses the headset. I did find though that Reloptix has a magnetic version. Have you tried these out?

  17. I picked up the VR-WAVE lenses a few weeks ago. It is very nice to not have to wear the glasses inside the headset.
    For me and my head shape I can feel the lenses on the narrowest IPD settings. They aren't really touching me, but I can feel them move back and forth when adjusting IPD from the little hairs close to the inside of my eye brows along my eye socket. So they are definitely close enough!

    Their customer service and turn around is excellent!

  18. I just need 1 lol. My left eye is 20/40 and my right is 20/20. I use to have 20/10, but I am now 48 years old. I have to use reading glasses now with 1.75 and you would think you would need reading glasses in VR, because your eyes are close to the screen. But it is like real life instead.

  19. Are these lenses convex or concave? The glasses people wear are concave to the eye, but the VR lenses I got from VR Lens Labs are concave, which makes them unusable. The lenses are put in backwards, so everything looks distorted. Take your glasses off and put them on backwards so the arms stick out, that is the effect you get with VR Lens Labs.
    I'm so pissed I wasted my money on them.

  20. Cool that you released this video today. I did get frankenfov printed about a week ago and found FOV much better, but decided not to use it for now as my glasses could scratch the lenses. Today i picked up new glasses as i wanted to check how that new prescripcion works for me bedore ordering corrective lenses. Seems thats it all great so ill be ordering g2 lenses tomorrow. Not just sure which ones to get: yois you tested ones from vroptocian.com

  21. Perfect for my friends. Sebastian i found a new guest for your Podcast. VRemix_x 資工少女 李婷婷 She is developer and maybe she can tell us a little bit about VR.

  22. I was waiting for this long time, now the question I was having putting these lenses wont actually improve FOV since lenses will be closer to your eyes than without it? So basically it shouldnt need the mod?


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