HITMAN 3 PSVR HANDS ON: Is It Any Good? | PlayStation VR


31 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 PSVR HANDS ON: Is It Any Good? | PlayStation VR”

  1. I heavily disagree that the Duel Shock is better than the move controllers. I just tried to play the game and it felt so wrong to use the controller, and I felt it lost a ton of playability

  2. I played Almost every VR game hitman is by far the best thrill-buster And I also played blood & truth they did a great job with the move sticks but wasn’t immersive like hitman.and firewall trash as a hole delete that game from console ASAP.

  3. PSA: Enabling VR on PS5 / Dualshock 4 REQUIRED in VR

    A few things I wanted to make sure everyone knew before they dropped $65 on this like I did earlier today.

    If you're on the PS5, you need to launch the PS4 version of the game if you want to play in VR.

    You cannot use the Move wands as controllers…for some reason.

    You MUST use the Dualshock 4 controller. The PS5 controller will not track.

    Just wanted to make a quick post to help others save the money if any of these are deal breakers like they are for me.

  4. its another misleading 'vr game' its like rouge squadron. they arent proper vr games and shouldnt be advertised as such. its just a glorified 3d version. without the use of at least your hands with move controllers or similar or any other vr peripheral its not really a vr game. dont get me wrong these games look great and add emersion with the head set. but its far from a proper vr game. my opinion

  5. Uses controller? thankgod for that. Although would have been nice to have the option for move controllers for those who like that scheme (personally cannot stand it in games that require free movement). Ill be looking out for this one, an actual full game for VR is something I am excited about I just hope there is an option to change takedowns and punches to buttons instead or shoving the controller forward but may not be to bad regardless since its just a few simple actions.

  6. No offense but if you think move controllers not being included and button prompts in vr is ok then you need a new job and dont understand vr at all. This was a terrible idea. And not releasing on pc is even a worse idea. I own both and wont buy it on either for 60 damn dollar unless it supports both hands.


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