HP Reverb G2 VR – One Week Later Review – An Honest Opinion


The HP Reverb G2 VR system has dropped and after spending a week stressing it, here is the verdict. We walk through the unboxing, the HP Reverb G2 tracking, the controllers and specs. The first impressions are good, but that Windows Mixed Reality…

0:00 Introduction
0:49 Specifications
1:43 Unboxing
3:30 Windows Mixed Reality
4:42 SteamVR Launching
5:40 Lenses and Controllers
6:43 Tracking Concerns
7:32 Battery Life
8:01 Sound and Microphone
8:45 Full Final Analysis


35 thoughts on “HP Reverb G2 VR – One Week Later Review – An Honest Opinion”

  1. Gtx1070 good luck with that, I'm sure it would be good for some games but better using the rift s for project cars 2 or dcs. Your not going to get the best use guys. By the time you can the head sets will be available for £200 know what you want from the head sets before paying full price.

  2. I don't have much problems with controller tracking except one bix exception. I loose totally tracking beneath the headset when I hold the controller in front of my chest or my belly. Did you make a similar experience?

  3. Great review – thanks.
    My G2 arrived yesterday.
    Initial impressions – incredible experience (I’ve never used a VR before) but it’s only in focus in a very small central area – the rest of the visual area becomes increasingly blurred as you move your eyes.
    I had expected that the whole visual field would be clear but it isn’t, just the central bit.
    In order to look at something clearly, you have to move your head and have it in the central area of your vision.
    Is this normal I wonder?

  4. If WMR doesn’t fix the occlusion and constant tracking issues it’s going to die off.

    Oculus’s insight tracking is flawless when it comes to shooters, you can hold the controller up to the headset as close as you want and it still tracks without fail, not to mention one controller can’t occlude the other.

  5. 5 degree sweetspot, godrays, and chromatic aberration. Very disappointed in the optics of the G2, but until we get tiny displays and real glass multi-element, multicoated lenses, I'm not convinced VR will improve

  6. Too bad you don't mention that the increased resolution means you now have a tack sharp image in a very small spot in the center, and looking around with your eyes becomes a very unpleasant experience due to the extreme sharpness falloff.

  7. When you run the Reverb G2 on a sub-required GPU as you have here, you'll have issues. You should really review it with a 2080 minimum, as HP says you should. You'll have a much better experience.

  8. It's exactly like CPU's. You need to be lucky. Some lens are good, other very bad … You can test two and just have luck two times. And the price is absolutly too high for a very little difference with the quest 2.

  9. G2 is my first vr headset so i don't know if this is normal but when i have it on the background is kind of flickering a bit. not much but a bit and all the time. is that normal? if i keep my head still some things in the background will still allways move a bit in games. or should it look as if you are playing on a normal pc monitor?

  10. My G2 should be arriving shortly and if I do end up both receiving a good example of the HMD and enjoying it I would like to grab some rechargeable batteries for it.

    However, I've heard that the lithium batteries that deliver 1.5v until they're entirely depleted may cause issues with low-battery detection. How do you get around this? Do you simply charge the batteries every time you're done using the HMD or do the batteries not give you this issue? (I've heard that some batteries will drop to 1.2v when they're low to trigger a low-battery warning in your device but both brands I've seriously considered have pretty underwhelming reviews).

    Are NiZn batteries any good? I've heard MRTV endorse them previously, however, I've also heard that they can be extremely unpredictable even if treated well on r/WindowsMR. (Even though some examples of NiZn batteries have better reviews than many of the lithium ones.)

    Thank you ahead of time for any information regarding this topic and I really enjoyed this video. (Along with others, this video was a major part of the motivation behind picking up a Reverb G2. Keep up the great content!)

  11. Nice review. Mentioning both pro's & con's.
    A friend of mine bought the G2. After dealing with the hazardous software and tacky controllers he ended up buying the quest 2. He still has the G2, but he doesn't talk about it much.

  12. 8:20 i have had bad experiences using bluetooth headphones with my lenovo explorer wmr. works fine in games where you only need one controller and leave the other off, like pistol whip or beatsaber with single gun/ saber. also works great in games like sim racing or flying where you dont need any controllers. but it does not appear to have the bandwidth to support all three bluetooth devices at once. you get massive issues.
    such a shame they didnt add a headphone jack. not like they saved that many pennies. oh well. just a long aux cable will suffice. i often do that anyway with my current headset as its more reliable than when plugged in directly.
    as good as those headphones are, and i have no heard a bad thing about them. i would still prefer headphones that isolate me from outside noises. i dont want to hear the neighbours arguing while im in vr for example. nor do i want my mic picking up my audio from my loud headphones/ speakers. i also like having headphones touching my ears/ head so i can feel the vibration when there is bass.
    but im sure those off ear headphones are still cool and i guess i would sometimes use them.

  13. Just got my G2 on 1/4 after ordering Nov 25. Not a fan of the "off ear" speakers. They lose a LOT of fidelity and bass response. If I cup my hands over the speakers the sound is awesome. But that 1/2 inch air gap really drops of the quality. Not a huge deal and I will be looking around for a solution to that beyond blue tooth as the speakers do sound awesome if you can channel the sound.
    Clarity over my old Rift CV1 is worlds better. I do play Elite Dangerous and text is now completely clear and the star field is not fuzzy dots. Station detail is awesome. I have also been able to dial down many things because the clarity of the headset (over the CV1) does not require pushing extra stuff for marginal gains.
    Controllers : Oculus did them better. The grip angle and the touch sensors seemed just ergonomically right. The G2 controllers have a shallower angle of grip which requires more "flex" forward of my wrist and puts the middle finger trigger a bit "higher" than is really comfortable. The tracking so far has not been an issue but I have been living with two CV1 sensors and reaching behind me would lose tracking anyway. However being external, they would see the controllers 100% if they were in front of me.
    Sweet Spot : No real issues here. Center of vision (for me) is crystal clear and does drop off pretty quickly to blurry outside about 25% of the lens. The CV1 does the same thing but is less noticeable probably due to center clarity not being super different from the edges. Or at least not as dramatic.
    Half Life Alyx looks awesome (but it was really good in the CV1 too). Elite Dangerous? Man it is like finally getting glasses after being nearsighted your entire life.
    Overall I am very pleased. One thing I think could have been done better is the battery door catch on the controllers. CV1 has two magnets. G2 has plastic tabs. Given the face gasket is magnetically attached, it would have been nice to use this as well on the controllers. My concern is those tabs breaking or wearing due to battery changes.


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