VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 – Install and First-Impressions Review


Enjoy our VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 Install and First-Impressions Review. You can buy the Controller Grips for $29 directly from VR Cover here – http://bit.ly/VRCoverGrips

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In this video, we look at the new Controller Grips from VR Cover for the Quest 2. They come in two colours: Dark Grey (as shown in this video) and they also do a Light Grey option that matches the Quest 2 off-white colour.

The grips themselves fit perfectly on the Quest 2 Touch Controllers, so well that I felt they didn’t need the velcro straps that attached to the ring sensor of the controller.

There is also a separate soft material wrap that goes around the strap which helps reduce the friction you get from the elastic strap when inserting your hand into the knuckle strap of the grip. This is a simple solution but it really helps with the overall quality and comfort of the grip.

For $29, the VR Cover Controller Grips may appear a little pricey, but for what you get in the box, with its spare replacement straps, buckles and extra velcro ties, on top of the overall comfort boost you get once these grips are applied, you begin to overlook its price.

You can buy the Controller Grips for $29 directly from VR Cover here – http://bit.ly/VRCoverGrips


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00:00 Intro
00:36 Grip overview
02:21 What’s in the box
03:31 Install on Right Controller
07:13 Install on Left Controller
08:18 First-impressions



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20 thoughts on “VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 – Install and First-Impressions Review”

  1. ATTENTION: i was playing a game called echo vr and i did not have the gray part on because it look to much. first game in controller flys across the room broke my tv and right controller SO USE THE GRAY PART

  2. I literally ordered the vrcover grips, and in the order I added the lens cover, but they only delivered the lens cover. I messaged them about it, and they asked for a picture of the packaging and bar code and I sent it to them, but they havent responded since. Guys, if you want controller grips that bad, get the AMVR quest 2 grips. They also come in black and white but dont cost $30 and if you buy it off amazon you dont have to put up with piss poor customer support. I'm never buying from vrcover again man. Im just going to dispute trandaction with my bank and then buy the AMVR grips.

  3. Wow this is a very high quality channel and website. Subscribing!

    I've been looking into all the straps… nothing seems good.

    – Quest 2 "Strap Trick": Too small to fit my hands comfortably. I can't get far enough in to reach the grip button. I feel like the strap is gonna break.

    – Mamut VR Grips: These are bad quality. Seen multiple people say that the plastic grip breaks apart and drops black pieces of plastic everywhere. And the actual "strap" that holds your hands is… literally… drumroll… SHOELACES. Yes, normal shoelaces. It's ridiculous.

    – AMVR Grips: The grips are very badly designed and cover up the grip-button so that the button gets stuck when you press it. The strap is too long and dangles and frays, needing you to burn it to stop it from fraying further.

    – ProTube VR ProStraps: The actual strap is the nicest looking of them all (thick and comfortable looking). But their mounting method is garbage, with thin, 3D-printed parts offering just 1-2 millimeter thin plastic strings that are being constantly twisted and pulled and will undoubtedly snap into two pieces and fall off after some use. The controller battery compartment is also put under stress by the extra pieces that they want you to stick under the compartment lid. Note that these contain no grips/cups at all, and are literally just straps, so they are very overpriced. They do sell some plastic "cups" that you can buy separately for like $70 which improves the mounting but together with the straps that is just ridiculously expensive (like $100 and shipping for their cups + straps lol).

    – VR Covers: Seem to have the least issues of them all but it's not great either. The grip material is pretty thick, which makes the controllers thick. Hopefully that helps with durability though. And the grips leave plenty of clearance for buttons, so there are no issues pressing them. The straps themselves have a good mounting method, by attaching to the bottom of the grips, and optionally also using their thin velcro strap to also attach it to the controller's tracking ring to ensure the cup/grip can't slide off (but it's tight and secure even without that). The actual strap is basically like a piece of velcro strap, but they include a cover for it to make it thicker and more comfortable. Overall, this seems to have the least compromises but it's not a great product either.

    How hard would it be for someone to make high quality, wide straps like the ProStraps, but with a secure and reliable mounting arrangement? Perhaps even a clone of the Valve Knuckles strap design with really nice quality. Maybe I should just wait until someone takes this seriously and does it properly? If I actually wanted all these current manufacturer's cheap plastic, velcro and shoelaces, I could do it myself, lol.


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