POPULATION ONE VR REVIEW! Brand New Oculus Quest battle Royale shooter Population one!


This game is like Fortnite VR. In this video I will be doing a population one review and showing off population one gameplay! a Brand New VR shooter for oculus quest 2 as well as PC vr that will absolutely get the blood flowing! This Battle Royale VR shooter is competitive, can be played on the new oculus quest 2, and can certainly become one of the Best Vr shooters of 2020! Hey maybe its even the best VR shooter yet??
If you are new to VR, just got a brand new quest 2 and are looking for a good game, This one will definitely satisfy.

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Time Stamps:
Content: 1:53
Graphics and sound: 6:04
Pros vs cons: 10:49

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13 thoughts on “POPULATION ONE VR REVIEW! Brand New Oculus Quest battle Royale shooter Population one!”

  1. I know one day soon this channel will pass 100,000 subscribers. Im happy for you and the fact that you respond to your subscribers shows a lot of humbleness.

  2. Talking about how this game is accessible, I was playing with a married couple who were stood next to each other in their living room on quests. They weren't very good but they were having such a good time and I loved speaking to them. Such a nice change of pace to talk to people of all walks of life and not just people who usually play video games.

  3. I've been enjoying it! Like you said it has a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling. Which only the best multiplayer games have. I'm looking forward to the future of vr.

  4. I hated the weapons loading in Standout. I hated sticking ammo to me and then losing where I put it. I love the weapon mechanics in Population One. Have you tried spectating?


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