Former Infantryman Tries VR Mil-Sim (ProTubeVR MagTube Rifle Review)


What does a former Army Infantryman think about the MagTube Rifle by ProTubeVR? Find out in this MagTube Rifle review video as 3 Soldiers try out the VR military sim shooter, Onward while using a VR rifle stock. Does it make the experience more realistic? Does it make you better at the game? Let’s find out! MagTube Rifle by ProTubeVR: Tried and Tested

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(At the time of making this video, I did not have a referral link but have since been offered one by the generous people at ProTubeVR, so using this link directly supports the channel!)

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0:00 Intro
0:34 MagTube Rifle Review
3:03 Meet the Soldiers
3:45 Gameplay
11:50 Final Thoughts


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39 thoughts on “Former Infantryman Tries VR Mil-Sim (ProTubeVR MagTube Rifle Review)”

  1. I know this is extremely late, but in my experience tracking issues usually happen when the controller gets to close to the bottom of the headset or goes past the bottom of the headset. I think the issue is actually less about the attachments in general and more just the headset having poor tracking in close quarters with the controller.

  2. Was in the "army".. The same army that invaded our land andd killled over a million People, the same army/ goverment that get appricatence for overthrowing over 50 countries since ww2?
    Why are you americans always mention that you in something so evil

  3. Thank you for your service! Should I purchase a VR headset. Im a little freaked on the side effects they say people are experiencing and was wondering if its worth it

  4. the tracking issues are definitely cause by all the leds and lights around your room thats one of the worst things the base stations can experience especially if you move so close to them, it takes any led as another tracking point so it starts drifting the controller around in confusion

  5. When you said they made this thing in different materials, I instantly as had in mind to have carbon fiber one ( I just assumed it would be nice and didn't think they'd have one). But then you pulled out a carbon fiber one and I was so shocked. 😂😂

  6. 9:55 aaaaand that's the main reason I'm hesitant about buying these top-mounted controller gun stocks. It just doesn't feel natural and you have to "shoot" the controller back into the slot.

  7. I agree, with the cost of the controllers it should have a nice finish, but i think the zip ties won't strip compared to screws. Some people have stripped the screws on the Mamut gun stock

  8. Idk if you fixed your tracking issue yet but your controllers are doing exactly what mine did before. You gotta completely reset the controllers and reconnect them on steamVR. At least that was the fix for me hopefully that helps.

  9. I wounder if vr can help you get the hang of lining up sights for handguns in real life maby first shot and other shots if you don't follow up cause of recoil is not there butaby not cause you don't have the fear or anticipation of the shot causing you to fuck your aim up


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