The Absolute BEST Free Oculus Quest Game! | Echo VR Oculus Quest Gameplay


Today on BMF I have some Echo VR Oculus Quest gameplay for you. Echo VR on the Oculus Quest is by far the best free Oculus Quest game, in fact, it’s one of the best games periods on the Oculus Quest.

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50 thoughts on “The Absolute BEST Free Oculus Quest Game! | Echo VR Oculus Quest Gameplay”

  1. I'm new to the oculus. Had it about a week or so. Got the quest 2. It has been amazing. This was the first game I downloaded knowing nothing about it. It blew my mind. I have as much fun in the lobby as I do playing the game. The community has been pretty cool too. I've had more people offer tips and help get my bearings than any other community I've been a part of. So far it's 100% worth the money and i feel like I just scratched the surface of the oculus.

  2. I got bad anxiety when talking to people I got a vr headset in hopes of getting better so far I spent a hour in a lobby being scared to talk to anyone had fun grabbing stuff and throwing it sadly I seem to be bad at throwing.

  3. Got motion sickness the first few times I played, but got used to it quickly. I like hanging out with people in this game– the British seem to dominate and their humor is great.

  4. My visual quality on my quest 2 is nothing like this it’s a lot more blurry. Is there anything that will fix that or is it faulty? I bought it a few days ago

  5. I'd say the 2 best free games for quest 2 are echo vr and rec room. Rec room if you want to annoy squeaker or hear that 18 year Olds are being salty asswholes and get doubleshot, echo vr for you inner sweat.

  6. I would say this is the first game I got because it’s true and this is literally the best game I know for VR because it’s a sports game that doesn’t take a lot of energy to play and also hole I have the questions to it’s really fun for me to play because because I like the flying mechanic even though it sometimes makes me fall down I would say it’s a five out of five his gameAlso I like to just throw stuff around

  7. This game is the best if u play on oculus but I use revive and I use knuckle controllers and for some reason this is the most battery draining game I have and I guess it’s because I only use my hands for everything but then I have to take a break

  8. Just got the game and it's pretty fun. The quest 2 is so so so so good but I have a problem with it it's a bit blurry idk why maybe every time your head set gets low battery it gets blurry can you help me with that plz

  9. I met some great people on this game. I like playing the disk game. I’m an introvert like hell but I’m VR o come out of my shell without acting like someone I’m not. VR really is great to polish up your social skills

  10. i will have soon the Oculus Quest 2 in january 26 and i think that a game that i will be good on it because im good to trow balls because i was playing base-ball at school loll. but i canr wait to have it and play that game

  11. this is honestly my first time seeing Echo Arena from a Quest perspective (i'm on Rift) and tbh it's a bit of a downgrade graphics-wise. I know it's to compensate for the standalone feature and doesn't have the computing power as, say, a PC, but it's still noticeable.


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