Republique VR Oculus Quest Review – Stealth/Adventure VR Game


Today on BMF It’s time for a Republique VR Oculus Quest Review! Does this reiteration of the Oculus Go game do anything different and should you pick it up?

Check out the video to find out.

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30 thoughts on “Republique VR Oculus Quest Review – Stealth/Adventure VR Game”

  1. WHY would you use or own an Oculus of ANY kind? they ALL have the same TERRIBLE, Low res, blurry look, especially when the Vive Pro's resolution/screen is TWICE as good & can easily at least 4 TIMES better with the GearVR lens mod! I hope he isnt "trying" to run VR games on anything less than a 1080ti like sooooo many other VR Youtubers that have under a 1080ti & therefor cant even run the games with 2x SS. The Original Vive & Oculus were unplayable garabge for any non-desperate gamer at launch, let alone now. Blocky, blurry garbage. WHY? Cheap?

  2. I played this on the gear vr and found controls awkward and some of the characters looked out of shape and erased faces or heads but today I got this for the quest for free because I already owned it. I noticed it has improved in graphics and controls. Very responsive and accurate.

  3. Either this or Superhot is my favorite Quest game so far.  Red Matter gets a lot of credit for having the best graphics but I think that Republique has a pretty strong case for being the best looking game on the Quest.  It's also the only legit 10+ hour campaign that I have played and it has some of my favorite collectibles of all time (in any game).

  4. David Hayter is fucking amazing ! I was so salty that mgs5 switched to that other asshole ! Definitely didn't feel nostalgic at all !!!! Fuck Konami ! They didn't switch Japan's lead voice for snake ! I was so mad when they did that !

  5. Looks like a cool game. Big fan of David Hayter. I'm not a huge fan of third person VR games though. Passed on this on and GO and I think I'll pass on this on the quest unless it's on sale.

  6. Still doubting about this game. It was on my wishlist for a long time and I recently got it on Steam. Unfortunately the controls don't work in the flat version so I had to stop not even be able to leave the first scene. At least the controls will work on this version but I'm still not sure if I will like this game. Give it a go after trading for it is one thing, paying 15 euros to find out is something else.


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