Old vs New VR Cover Review – Should You Buy? Is it worth it? 2017 Unboxing Video


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This is my Old vs New VR Cover Review + Unboxing – Should You Buy Is it worth it video where you can see my

best tutorials and game clips for the Oculus Rift CV1. Since the advent of Call of Duty I have been sniping

on the PC but have recently switched to PS4 as I find it a more stable platform and I’ve captured my best

clips on the Surface Pro 3 and now the Surface Pro 4. The mouse and keyboard really can’t be beaten for speed

but at the end of the day, learning to shoot people in the face on any platform is the best challenge that I

love. This Old vs New VR Cover Review + Unboxing – Should You Buy Is it worth it 2017 video gave me an

opportunity to run my Elgato HD60, Surface Pro 4 and PS4 to bring to you the above Old vs New VR Cover Review

+ Unboxing – Should You Buy Is it worth it 2017 video which will show you which VR Cover is best, which is

better, and if you should buy one if it is worth it. I hope you enjoy.

0:00 – The Intro

►Oculus Rift CV1

►I use SCUF 4PS!


►I use RAZER

►I use ELGATO HD60



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28 thoughts on “Old vs New VR Cover Review – Should You Buy? Is it worth it? 2017 Unboxing Video”

  1. I just got the red leather style replacement vr cover and the cloth style cover. I found the leather one terrible. It has hardly any stick to it and leaves a massive gap around your nose, if I lift my head I can clearly see my entire living room with the headset on. Placing the cloth cover over the leather one has got rid of this problem. Did you find that problem too ? I’d love to have just the leather one on as it’s so much cooler against the head but the light coming through makes it impossible because of that gap.

  2. I know this is an old video, but man it stinks of sponsorship unless you're just a poor reviewer.
    1. Never mentioned light bleeding, which has, and continues to be a problem with VR cover, if you have problems with it personally or not, it's something that needs to be noted.
    2. No mention of how the actual fabric cover stays on the headset. I've heard it loses shape and won't stay on after a cleaning, or for others fresh out of the box.
    3. At one point, you said the old vrcover got a point for being machine washable… but the new one got a point for.. not being machine washable? What kind of ass backwards logic.
    4. No mention of the steep price for what is a hunk of plastic, and a cushion. You call it a better deal than the original, but I think $50 would be outrageous for what you get.
    5. The bulk of the review was comparing a default insert cover to a leather cushion replacement, the entire "Review" is apples to oranges.

    If you want to review the new vrcover, the best comparison is the leather cushion with the actual cover attached, vs the default oculus cushion (which I think has been changed even) with the old vr cover attached. I think a more apt name for this video would be "VR Cover first impressions compared to old VR cover".

    Also, drop that intro fam, 2011 was a long time ago.

  3. So glad I waited before I bought a original VR cover, will defiantly be getting the new VR cover now. I just recently noticed that the original foam padding on my rift was starting to irritate my forehead and had to adapt and wear a headband, so hopefully this will solve that problem. +1 to you F4CE for this vid and review, keep up the awesome videos.

  4. I bought the one for the glasses and it sucks. It´s far worse than the default one and switched back again. I think the Oculus-cover is also better against the sweat, because it´s not that air-tight.

  5. I don’t like vr cover. i got mine 3 days ago and i am very disappointed. I get the “long, eyewear” version and now i can’t put my glasses is narrower then oculul default one. Is not that confortable. I don’t like and i dont recommend! With default one i can put my glasses, not perfect, but i can. with this no way!

  6. I got VR lenses from VR lens lab – is this work with this ? Is there enough space to put them in ? and how this memory foam perform for longer Oculus use – over 3h straight – it is not getting hot and not behave like plastic means burning the skin ?

  7. Great video as usual, I came across this company just before Christmas and ordered the eyewear version as i am a four eyed old git. As you mention and demonstrate they are super easy to put together and feel great, the only issue with the eyewear version is the loss of field of view so i have now ordered the standard version and also the corrective prescription lenses can't wait for the postman to turn up again, a massive thumbs up from me.

  8. Here from /r/oculus. I've got the original VRCover too and have been wondering whether to splash out on the updated version. After seeing this, I think I will, so thanks. Interestingly, I've discovered that you can easily use magic tape (the matte kind for wrapping presents that isn't too sticky) to stick the old cover to the interface, so mine doesn't move, but the nose piece is still annoying! Its one redeeming feature though is that the nose bit blocks the nose gap, which I don't like as I have to turn all the room lights off to get good immersion as i find any external light very distracting. Thanks for the great vid – have a sub 🙂


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