Sniper Elite VR: 12 Minutes Of Gameplay!


Check out over 12 minutes of gameplay from Sniper Elite VR, running on PC VR. The game launches July 8 on Quest, PSVR and PC VR.

Sniper Elite at Upload VR Showcase 2021:

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27 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR: 12 Minutes Of Gameplay!”

  1. Really disappointed in these comments. The vast majority of them are just people hardcore bashing a game they've not actually played one second of. "Grenade throwing sucks"; "the UI sucks"; "the kill cams suck"… Jesus guys. There's even people complaining that the game is too short based on assuming every mission will be exactly the same length as this one (even though there's absolutely ZERO evidence to suggest that's the case). No wonder they call gamers toxic.

    Imagine being a developer who worked your ass off on every texture and mesh seen in this video, and reading through the comments to find they're all about how the game sucks because of the UI and grenades (even though there's probably a 95% chance both of those are adjustable in the options menu). You'd be heartbroken.

    Honestly, we should be very happy they're giving us a VR game at all. Not sure if you've noticed, but VR is still a VERY niche platform. Other than just loving the experience, there's almost no good reason for a developer to make a VR game right now. The potential customer base is so small that they're 100% guaranteed to make less money than if they just spent the time plopping out another Playstation/Xbox game.

    So no, they aren't going to pour all of their manpower and $100M in cash into making a VR game, and as much as I love VR, I wouldn't either if I were them. It would be a terrible mistake.

    So while we should definitely criticize VR devs when appropriate (like, ya know, after we actually try their games), we should also encourage VR devs with our words, and support them with our money even if their games aren't absolutely perfect (provided they aren't just cash-grab trash). They have an easy market of 150 million+ console players to cater to. They're taking a big chance by catering to us instead. Let's at least TRY to make it look like they didn't make the wrong choice.

  2. Will this be cross buy?

    Between this and RE4, it's gonna be a pretty good summer.
    One thing though….that x-ray effect, I don't see how that takes advantage of vr. The effect looks somewhat flat. I mean, I'll have to wait and see how it looks in vr, but that's my first impression.

  3. Thank you UploadVr…this is just a Medal Of Honor in another cloth! These games are boring and short…

    I think if such AAA games come out for vr like this, I’ll sell vr,

    because it's a ridiculous level..


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