Anker’s Quest 2 charging dock review: A perfect VR companion


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With seamless integration, the Anker Quest 2 Dock makes keeping the Oculus VR headset and controllers topped off effortless and stylish.

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Camera Gear
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-Sigma 24-70 f/2.8:
-Sony 50mm f/1.8:
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-Metabones smart adapter:
-Manfrotto tripod & head:
-Budget Lighting:
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17 thoughts on “Anker’s Quest 2 charging dock review: A perfect VR companion”

  1. The instructions say to turnoff the unit when not in use even though there is not button to do so. That said, my concern is whether or not you can just leave the headset and controllers on the charging station while it is on indefinitely.

  2. Does anyone have this issue for the headset doesn’t have a solid green light and show a blinking amber light? I made sure that the headset was put to sleep then place into dock. Anybody have any idea to fix this? Thanks

    Note – While charging it make the Oculus chime and then silent over and over constantly

  3. Any suggestions for magnetic charging cables that might be compatible with the circular connector that you put into the headset? I have a DIY battery bank setup for my Quest 2 so I can play for longer than 2.5 hours at a time, but I'd have to remove the circular connector every time I use the headset if I want to keep doing that. That kind of defeats the whole convenience factor of this charging dock, so I'm hoping I can find a magnetic cable that will connect to the headset from my battery bank. I really wish Anker made a separate, external cable for this purpose.


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