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Welcome back for a the first every Quickie VR Game Review. Today we are checking Djinni & Thaco an excellent new Tower Defense title featuring a “Monty Python” sense of humor and gesture based spell casting.

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17 thoughts on “Djinni & Thaco – Quickie VR Game Review”

  1. The laser is the hardest for me but the lightning spell is easy if you spam the trigger few times while you raise your controller. I get it about 95% of the time or so. What they need to do is add the gestures into the compendium notes because I think I just probably forgot how to do the laser and I keep trying to do it incorrectly. Another issue i have is with seated play you may accidentally waste your magic charge for Slam by touching the ground while trying to move. Overall I agree, not funny but mechanically it’s very entertaining.

  2. Thank you for the feedback everyone. We are constantly tweaking the game and trying to get it better. There was a patch that came out yesturday that should have helped. Here is a link to the Humble Bundle for 20% off . We are also patchign in more of the Announcers lines so there will be 300% more content so we hope this will help with the repitition( its a massive undertaking as there are unique ingame animations for each). I will also follow up with a link to the demo. Thank you Matteo

  3. Hey Matteo! Hope you're good dude. I've had a little experience with this game, and i can agree with you on the awkwardness of the spellcasting at times. It can be a little frustrating when you're trying to cast a spell, and nothing is happening. It seems that you have to get the gestures just right for them to actually work. Other than that, it's a solid game, and has a lot to offer. It looks great, and has been designed really well. The humour, you either love it or hate it, and personally i loved it. If the spellcasting was made a little easier to achieve, this would be a great title.
    I love the short format video dude, it works really well. You managed to everything in, and it was still engaging and informative, so well done dude.
    Awesome video Matteo!
    All the best dude, take care and stay safe man 🙂

  4. yup, everything above average, except the gesture spells, those where unreliable… hope the devs are fixing them, i liked the humor but felt some bits dragged too long.


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