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Welcome to VoodooDE VR!

My name is Thomas. I was born in 1983 and I test the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware for you, share the latest news with you, go on events around the world for you and test all new VR games for you!

I have one of the largest VR headset collections in my studio and can always provide you with interesting content through my many years of VR / AR experience.

I will upload videos on nearly daily basis and every Sunday you will see the VR / AR weekly news.

I am also traveling a lot for VR / AR events. These include exhibitions such as Oculus Connect, CES, PAX, VR Days or Gamescom.

In addition, I like to visit you if you have a VR arcade or other cool VR equipment, which is worth introducing in the channel.

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Thomas (Voodoo)

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