VR Reviews: RevoGeo- Pandinus Imperator (Emperor Scorpion) Review


I guess it’s in his nature to be a bad figure…

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14 thoughts on “VR Reviews: RevoGeo- Pandinus Imperator (Emperor Scorpion) Review”

  1. The major problem here, and its something you didn't cover in your review, is that they were originally designed to be Sofubi toys: solid, soft vinyl statues. The inclusion of articulation actually came rather late in development and the lack of leg articulation is, apparently, because the revo-joints small enough to be encased in each leg aren't strong enough to hold up the bulky body. However, many people think the actual reason is because these are already niche figures and sticking 15-20 more joints into it would raise the price to the point where it wouldn't be successful.

    I've heard, however, that people have been customizing them to have joints at those places.

  2. I think I could maybe look past the legs…in another way that would maybe make it more robust since less articulation so at least it would always stand and the joints wouldn't tire as they aren't many if at all in the legs…but the price is quite steep…I'd definitely pick one up if it was the (hairy desert scorpion) or the (pugnacious burrowing scorpion)…it's still quite an amazing figure when compared to the rubbery/plastic things you get in a zoo gift shop lol.

    All in all though…yes I agree the figure could be better…at least it could be repainted to make it look more realistic if you're good at model painting.

  3. This figure is meant to please arthropod lovers and entomology enthusiasts and boy does it deliver, i´ve had many emperor scorpions over the years and the color is spot on (even the gray and the green hue). It´s pricey but if you are an arthropod nerd it is a must, otherwise avoid it at all costs.


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