Better than the Daydream View? Bobo VR Z5 Unboxing & Hands-On Review


And finally my Bobo VR Z5 has arrived! Is this the Daydream View killer we all have been waiting for? Find out in this unboxing and hands-on review!

The Bobo VR Z5 is the first Daydream headset from a third party manufacturer. It comes with it’s own Daydream motion controller and as opposed to the Daydream View it has IPD adjustment, focus wheel and included headphones!

In this video I will check out if the headset is really Daydream compatible and how comfortable the device actually is.

If you would like to get one yourself, you can do so here:

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50 thoughts on “Better than the Daydream View? Bobo VR Z5 Unboxing & Hands-On Review”

  1. I have a z5 authentic version with security code.
    My headset and control are different to yours ???
    I have found a QR code on internet.
    So still trying to set up
    Also I had to wait for a connection to iPhone as Bobovr has a standard jack which does not fit my phone !!

  2. HOLY CRAP stop telling us what are GOING to do and DO IT! i've hit the "skip 5 seconds" button every 2-3 seconds through this entire video! this 30 minute video could've easily been 10 minutes if you would get to the point instead of repeating yourself and telling us what you are about to do in the next 3 minutes and JUST DO IT!

  3. please! how do you click to select an application? I have a device of this but my control does not start games nor app. How do you do that? Can mine be defective?

  4. Hello, Sebastian. I have been watching your videos recently because I am intersted in getting a VR headset. Finally, I decided to get this one but I am facing a problem which is I can't pair the remote controller included with my smartphone. Could you please help me? Thank you.

  5. Hi
    I has buy one but didn't receive it yet . To know its first time to use some like that so i want to know everything i should know about how to use it as prefect. And my phone is s7 edge is there any way to set up daydream on it
    Best Regards

  6. Careful! I just got my Bobo VR Z5 and realized that it doesn't have an "enter button" on the headset. That means that it's not much fun as a normal cardboard headset. The remote controller doesn't work outside of the Daydream app and can't be used as an "enter button".
    Or… am I missing something?

  7. As for the FOV, you used the red led lights on the side of the guns as a FOV reference and said that the lateral view is better on the Bobo, however towards the end of the gameplay video you briefy see the red lights, and on the Daydream you can actually see the red lights on both sides, just as fully as on the Bobo. It almost seems that there is a fisheye effect that makes it appear to have a wider field, hwever the Daydream has the same coverage albeit in a more natural perspective. Great videos though; I enjoy your reviews.

  8. I tried daydream with BOBOVR Z4 and a phone with the controller emulator to serve as a controller, and the gameplay is amazing!! It didn't feel small or anything it's perfect!! The phone that I'm using as the headset is Samsung Galaxy S8+

  9. I like your impartial, open attitude in many vids of yours.
    I'm curious how much you were able to see from the cannons in Daydream view compared to the red marking in Bobo VR.


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