Why SteamVR Releases suck now – the VR review process


Welcome back everyone. Today we are talking about why Steam VR release suck lately and how I do my VR review. Reviews can be highly subjective but I’m always looking for the balance between fun, valve and quality.

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The Review Process 00:35
The Quest Review Curve 03:50
Curb your expectations 06:40

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38 thoughts on “Why SteamVR Releases suck now – the VR review process”

  1. Thank you for making this video, because I've felt really upset about this for a few years now. It used to be that we would get awesome PC VR games, with great development behind them, but now most developers take the easy way out and just develop FIRST for the Quest and PC VR gets stuffed away like a bastard stepchild. It makes me mad, because we were the ones that were there from the beginning, propping up this new industry and now it's all just about cheap, crappy games and making money, instead of doing the hard work to make a high-quality title, to push this newer technology forward and make big strides. I really hope that developers take a step back and re-evaluate why they're in it. Having come from very early games that were amazing for their time, like The Gallery Part 1: Call of the Starseed, I refuse to take 10 steps back and buy a Quest. I hope PC VR moves forward and makes huge strides in the future. I still have hope.

  2. Good video and that's a good method to review games. I love how almost everyone reacts when asked how sniper elite vr is. It always starts with: well.. it's not a good game, but it's not a bad game either. And the main good thing it has riding for it, is the price 😀

  3. SteamVR SDK sucks. We need everyone to use OpenXR standards. Developers got it tripple bad, sdks are basically beta and have issues, low audiences = low profit/investment, and sooo many headsets to be compatible for, not just one xbox controller. People just need to lower their expectations for VR games right now until we get standards and it matures. There are plenty of good games out there if you give them a chance, Graphics are not always everything and be patient when there are bugs.

  4. a race to the bottom is just sad. I rather VR to be more expensive but actually get quality than a race to the bottom of the barrel like we have now.

  5. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen with the success of the quest. Now us pc player that had gotten used to quite high quality VR has been thrown back 5 years and gave to deal with shitty piles of garbage again. It’s really really sad to see

  6. 8:08 –> I'm sorry this is completely off-topic, and it's even been like that for a while, but only now I realized: your ending screen has way too many Matteos
    I count 4, one on that channel banner overlay, one the center one that is animated, one in the background and another one in that background's background… xD

    Sorry, I just found it too comical not to mention, ahah

  7. Another point of view on Steam.
    I actually think Steam did this and here is why.

    For the first couple of months I had PCVR I was using Virtual Desktop to stream to my original Quest headset and it was amazing.
    Then a couple of months ago there was a round of updates after which I started having horrendous problems with Steam.
    Some day's it was unusable, nausea inducing with worse graphics than Quest native.
    I realized after the first few events that the Steam VR Dashboard was changing it's settings to power saving mode disabling my dedicated NVIDIA GPU in favor of my AMD APU.
    I have screen shots if you doubt that the Steam VR Dashboard was doing this?
    It's been a couple of months now and some day's it's still bad, it still set's itself to power saving mode the moment I open Steam VR but not nearly as bad as it was.

    I suspect that they made changes to their platform to accommodate the upcoming SteamDeck and are working through bugs in preparation for it's release?
    The SteamDeack uses an AMD APU and I think that might be why I had particularly bad problems.
    My laptop system is a bit of a strange setup where the dedicated NVIDIA graphics actually runs through the AMD APU.
    To get Oculus to recognize my headset using Link I have to disable the APU graphics and then re-enable it once the headset has been recognized.

    For background I have only had PCVR for some 5 months.
    I started with PSVR then got a Quest after about 9 months and finally after nearly 2 years got myself a VR capable PC which in this market was no easy thing.

  8. I like your content and I appreciate your honest opinion on things. I also agree with your assessment of the current state of VR titles… It's a little sad but at least I have time to play through skyrim again

  9. It's not just VR games that has had quality control issues lately, tons of game releases has had very obvious and serious issues. I think it's more likely that devs have been working from home, making planning and scheduling more difficult… so there's room for these things to fall through the cracks.

  10. This is ALL GREAT news. I have never liked how PC games are over done just to work on a PC. If they can make God of War work great on a base PS4 then you can make Half Life Alyx run nativly on even a Quest 1. Game makers just need to put in the work.
    I love seeing more and more game s made for the Ques 2 and then ported to Steam. Anything that hurts Steam is great news. PC games are just so poorly made that they just suck.

  11. VR developer here. There’s an odd issue with SteamVR input for Unity. There’s a 40 degree rotation offset for the controllers between the Oculus & UnityXR sdks and SteamVR (OpenVR). Don’t know if the same for Unreal. So probably QA is just testing Quest & Rift and assuming it will be the same on Steam. 🤷‍♂️

  12. First, I love your content. Maybe you can just put the scores on the 1 minute review, without all the explanation, and when you have no access to the game on a different platform, you can open a votation with scores on the community page or something, then the community can help with this

  13. Yup, you capture the way i'm feeling. there was always a light on the horizon with titles i looked forward to, and that turned dark every single time. there are loads of really really good vr titles, but i guess we all hope for Alyx-level of polish, even 70% of that would be nice sometimes.

  14. Seems like it’s unavoidable. Quest is the console of VR headsets. It’s going to be gimped because of its hardware limitations, so everything else that gets titles alongside it will have to suffer for it.

  15. I got VR a year ago and was flooded with awesome games and content. But, now it feels like we are in a quality drount. Plenty of games but quality has definitely staggered.


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