Sniper Elite VR is Nuts


Sniper Elite VR is a new VR game. I know, I didn’t think new VR games existed anymore. I thought Virtual Reality was just over, no more new VR games. But here we are, a new VR game, actual new content and Sniper Elite VR is a good start. It’s only 30 bucks, which kind of bums me about a bit. Reviews of Sniper Elite VR are kind of saying the same thing. Everyone is all mixed up after release. Should you buy Sniper Elite VR is a tough question to answer honestly. But fortunately for me, I’m not trying to let you know whether or not you should buy Sniper Elite VR. I’m just trying to make you exhale forcibly from each nostril because you found something 50% funny.

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39 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR is Nuts”

  1. Just another total failure cash grab from a team of devs completely clueless about how VR works and how modem VR games work. I would be very embarrassed to be part of this project. Absolute garbage.

  2. This is the man that told me he felt weird stabing human beings in VR even though it is the most fun thing ever. The man who is now telling me that he enjoys blowing up people's balls with a sniper rifle. And I'm the fucked up one.

  3. I am having a lot of fun with this game. So far it’s everything I’ve wanted and I love it. For just $30 it’s more than exceeded my expectations. I am on PSVR though so maybe it’s because I don’t have access to “good” VR games.


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