Sniper Elite VR Review


26 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR Review”

  1. Terrible Review, Bad Story Ha guess they forget game is old and is remade, Characters die or betray you he says well yeah it's WWII & This game isn't built to be about story more about action

  2. "You get bonus points for enemies that were distracted by fighter planes droning overhead" WTF you get bonus points for masking the sound of your shot and going unrecognised. It's clear by this gameplay that the games not been played right your a sniper your aren't playing as assault class in a Battlefiled game.

  3. This review is fair for the version available on the Quest. However, this review has literally almost zero applicability to the version available on the PSVR (aka the largest VR platform) with its Aim Controller. Pretty much all of the complaints listed here are completely absent in that version.


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