SNIPER ELITE VR QUEST 2 GAMEPLAY // First Impressions of Sniper Elite VR // LET'S SNIPE SOME NUTS!


Sniper Elite VR is NEARLY here, with release date set for the 8th of July I’m here to share some Sniper Elite VR Oculus Quest 2 gameplay & first impression ahead of launch day to help you decide whether this is the new Quest 2 game that you need to spend your cash on! The Sniper Elite VR review embargo lifts on launch day and I’ll be posting my review over on the Oculus store but for today let’s have a look at two full missions from Sniper Elite VR Quest 2 gameplay & talk about how the game looks, feels & performs!

OH… and let’s try to snipe some testicles… because it’s a Sniper Elite game afterall!

In this Oculus Quest 2 Sniper Elite VR gameplay video I’ll be showcasing the training section & two of the early game missions (Help From Above & The Final Bridge), these two missions are a great showcase of the variety of gameplay in Sniper Elite VR. Help From Above is a classic sniper nest mission, take down enemies from a fixed location and keep your comrades alive as waves of enemies flood in from all angles. The Final Bridge feels like a much more conventional FPS mission, push forwards through war torn streets using any weaponry you can get your hands on, use stealth or all out carnage to take your enemies down and ultimately reach the bridge which needs destroying.

So far I’m having a great time with Sniper Elite VR, the Quest 2 port in particular is very impressive with good draw distance, crisp visuals, great audio design & varied/detailed textures, after a slew of fairly low quality Quest ports and underwhelming releases Sniper Elite VR feels like a breath of fresh air, especially for the price point!

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0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Training, gun range & mechanics
9:35 – Help From Above – Sniper nest mission
15:47 – The Final Bridge – Full mission
26:35 – Verdict


35 thoughts on “SNIPER ELITE VR QUEST 2 GAMEPLAY // First Impressions of Sniper Elite VR // LET'S SNIPE SOME NUTS!”

  1. Couple of weird rendering artifacts/glitches in the first part of the video, damn you Premiere Pro! Really enjoying Sniper so far, it feels like exactly what I wanted MOH VR to be with a MUCH better price point

  2. Is there an option for beginners on difficulty levels ? This would be my first shooter game on the Quest 2. I’d like a fighting chance to begin with. Thanks for the review.

  3. Why is everyone (right-handed) reloading a bolt action rifle with their left hand? That does not make any sense. These weapons should be held with both hands. The left hand holds the "handguard" and the "stock" is supported on the shoulder. So, the right hand is used to press the "trigger" AND to use the "bolt handle" to reload. Obviously, everything is easier if you own a ProTubeVR or a Virtual Rifle Systems or somethings like that !

  4. I've been enjoying the shooting in Medal of Honor VR (that has been improved since launch). I want Sniper Elite VR. I want it now. (Excuse me.)

  5. Was very disappointed in it. Poor graphics on pc and klunky weapon handling. No big open world, dumb AI bots and immersion breaking icons in game. I’ll stick to half life Alex

  6. Installed sniper elite set a couple other apps to update came back all my apps are gone tried everything suggested online nothing worked now resorting to a factory reset hope this works or don't know what I'll do

  7. This has me even more excited for resident evil 4, I like the look of these games they feel more real, other games that I feel like are less demanding, that could look insanely real are for some reason made cartoony and I'm not sure why vr games do that, idk if the quest 2 is worse than I'm thinking and genuinely wouldn't be able to handle the better graphics but yeah I've always found it strange. Maybe it's so people don't get too immersed I really don't know. I'm sure I'm probably just kidding myself about how good the quest is because I know I'll never have pcvr and so want to imagine the quest 2 is the best thing in the world. Anyway went on a rant gonna install this and have some fun

  8. when you are not in stealth mode and shoot enemies in a house/building with a shotgun or other gun and then when they are laying dead, I see no blood surrounding them on the floor!!?? Is the only real gore shown in sniper mode?

  9. I’m playing this game on quest one and for some reason from the shooting range part I cant get into the missions, I’ve seen it happen when people save their load outs or go to a certain door but none of that is putting me in a mission. I’m kind of stuck at the rang. Does anybody know how I can sort this?

  10. Slow-mo but shots aside, it's great to see a mainstream title land on the Quest / Quest 2 and if sales are good then that opens the door to more mainstream titles… hopefully! 👍😎
    This is an August purchase for me.


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