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Here’s our Chess Club VR review straight from the VR Gamescast, our weekly VR gaming podcast broadcast live every Thursday right here on YouTube!

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9 thoughts on “Chess Club Review – VR Gamescast”

  1. This desperately needs a tilt-board feature like Demeo has. I can never finish a full game because my head hurts.

    Chess Club VR looks bland because there are no shadows on the board from the pieces.

    The female fantasy character models and their walking/sashaying animations are designed for teens.

    Worth $5 as it is right now. I regret pre-ordering

  2. what a terrible fucking review. why did you spend so long showing your stupid little avatar instead of just showing more game footage. and I don't think someone who doesn't really play chess is going to be able to write a very compelling review of a product like this.


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