This VR Headset is FRUSTRATING: HTC Vive Pro 2 Review


Hello and welcome to my review of the HTC Vive Pro 2, HTC’s newest flagship PCVR headset.

My experience with the Pro 2 has been pretty so-so, some aspects of the headset are truly great while others leave much to be desired. My biggest issue with the headset so far has been the microphone and some design decisions, but I can see some very good potential with the *sort of* wide FOV and high resolution as well as comfort.

Let me know what you think! I worked extra hard on this one!

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24 thoughts on “This VR Headset is FRUSTRATING: HTC Vive Pro 2 Review”

  1. I think I already might know the answer to this question: I have a Quest 2 and I'm looking to upgrade. I play a creative non-competitive version of Beat Saber an average of 3+ hours per day (600+ hours so far). I would like better lenses most of all. I think I need to wait for a Quest Pro or something new from Valve. The Vive Pro II and Focus III were huge disappointments (to me). I'm not unhappy with my Quest 2. I am surprised there doesn't seem to be anything better for me. Any suggestions?

  2. So didnt you have the terrible Pixel column banding?Alot off people have this now..But htc dont seems to care and dont reply to us on the vive forum.. When you move your head you see terrible scanlines..It wasnt there in the beginning!

  3. I came from the original VIVE, and while I'm happy with it overall, it's more so due to the fact that it's just newer than what I had. Otherwise, I haven't really been blown away by it.

  4. I love the pro 2 but there are a lot of major problems. The vive console app is really bad. It’s very buggy and has caused my computer to have the blue screen of death a few times. Changing the resolution settings is bugged so it’s not outputting the full resolution, the Extreme setting actually lowers the resolution and the resolution is different each time I restart the app, even on the same setting. Why they had to add this shite app I’ll never know. It doesn’t play nicely with steam vr either despite requiring it to run. I had none of these problems with the pro 1.

  5. I'm just waiting for another valve index. I've tried the hp reverb g2 and ended up hating it and going back to the HTC vive. I miss the resolution but God I hated the tracking on that damn thing.

  6. Thank you for your review. It is extremly close to what I would say about the Pro 2. I'll use it until an Index 2 will come, because it runs wonderfull in DCS, which the G2 didn't (for me). For everything else, I use my Quest 2, which is wired, I know, having a so expensive Vive Pro 2 just for a few Sims :).

  7. I have the same vertical FOV as my quest 2 but way greater horizontal. I guess I'm lucky as I either don't see the clear black bars or its not something that I'm noticing to bother me. I Understand it would suck if you do though.

  8. Have a pro 2, can confirm hot af and mic sucks. Great piece of kit tho, and have been really impressed by vr. Use my sennheiser cans which fit over the strap but makes it even hotter. What were they thinking with the mic, and lack of adequate cooling?! D:

  9. I guess at least it's way cheaper than Pimax 8K X, but if there's even more compromises than the already heavily compromised Pimax, that price is probably just hard to swallow.

  10. I feel bad for the people who bought a HTC , index and rift, because if they bought it and didn't know they needed a good gaming PC, they just wasted SO much money.


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