Humble Bundle Fall VR Review


An amazing deal on many VR games!
Fall VR Bundle:
Electronic Freedom Foundation:

0:20 A-Tech Cybernetic $20
0:40 Archangel: Hellfire – Fully Loaded $20
1:01 Killing Floor Incursion $20
1:27 Raw Data $40
1:51 I Expect You To Die $25
2:18 Creed: Rise to Glory $30
2:41 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners $40
3:16 Zero Caliber $25

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Peter Peter with PC VR Gameplay of The Walking Dead, Zero Caliber, etc
Recorded with Nvidia 2060 Super RTX and played on the Valve Index

#vr #humblebundle #deals

Song: Safehouse by Iso Indies


17 thoughts on “Humble Bundle Fall VR Review”

  1. man really nice vidio im saveing for a vr headset rn and this helped a lot also good call for the EFF never really realised how to change my charity on humble thanks for the tip!

  2. Publishers and developers be overpricing their games because vr

    If it’s more than 2 hours it should be 10 or 15 dollars, if it has other content like multiplayer or something like workshop 15 or 20 or 25, if it’s really fun and something you can sink a lot of time into, 20 or 25 or 30


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