Best BIZARRE Escape Room VR Game!! Floor Plan 2 Gameplay & Review Oculus Quest 2


I’ll take you through short gameplay, show you the core mechanics with minor spoilers. In the end, we’ll jump into the review. Timestamps available as always!
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Floor Plan 2 is a comedy adventure inspired by escape rooms. The first game took place, entirely inside the elevator. This second installment allows you to go out and explore levels.

You play as an employee of the company Puzzl and on your first day your boss sends you on a mission to retrieve a lost treasure that will hopefully change the company’s fortune. No pressure. At least you know it is in the building, you just need to take an elevator. Sounds easy enough right? Except every floor is a gateway to another world and to find what you want, you’ll need to get through sequences of bizarre cartoonish puzzles and events.

The game is by Turbo Button and released today on April 1st on Oculus Quest, Rift, and SteamVR. A PSVR release is coming later. Price: $25 / €25.


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00:00 Intro Start
00:04 VR Game Description
00:42 VR Game Details (Price, Platforms, Release Date)
01:19 Floor Plan 2 Gameplay (MINOR Spoilers)
08:04 Floor Plan 2 Review
10:38 Accessibility Settings
11:00 Outro Start


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