IronLights In 5 Minutes (VR Critical Review)


IronLights is a new VR melee game that pits you against another player in real time and with crossplatform capabilities with other SteamVR headsets and even Oculus headsets including Quest! You fight your opponent or A.I in real-time 1v1 combat with anything from a Greatsword to a Bo-Staff. When you fight you take turns attacking and blocking with each being in slowmotion for fairness and balance. If online PvP isn’t your thing there is a full campaign mode where you can fight A.I that feels like other players! This game is certainly worth checking out if a competitive multiplayer VR fighting game is something you’ve been wanting. Watch all the way to the end to see what I rate this game out of 10!

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18 thoughts on “IronLights In 5 Minutes (VR Critical Review)”

  1. Big things happening in Ironlights atm (Ultimate Update Coming) .. you may want to check it out for a second review ! I cover alot of the upcoming changes if you want to check it out !

  2. People who are playing Ironlights right now, remember that this was only 4 months ago…
    So much has been added you could think it would have had 1 years worth of updates!


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