Fruit Ninja VR (PSVR) Review


It’s the same Fruit Ninja you know and love, now in VR. Check out our review to learn a bit more.

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19 thoughts on “Fruit Ninja VR (PSVR) Review”

  1. This game may be hell on my arms with all the constant swinging, But it's a lot of fun. When ever I play this, I just want to picture myself at dave and busters winning tickets and prizes. LOL

  2. Before I start; Rest In Peace Xbox 360. Honestly, I still think the Xbox 360 Kinect version is better, because this newer VR version looks way different from the original Fruit Ninja game.

  3. I got this loaded up lastnight and you are right about the exhaustion. I was standing up while playing this and it feels REALLY good to slice things up but man it was a work out. My shoulders and arms AND legs are killing me today after just playing for about 30 mins. This is probably the best work out I have ever had and to be honest its what I was looking for in VR. You can pull off some really sweet moves with the controllers and you feel like such a bad ass. But you will get very tired very fast.

  4. I have not played the vr ps4 because I don’t have anay of them (the vr or ps4) but I still know about the motion from fruit ninja kinect on xbox

  5. I was thinking of getting this to add to my collection of PSVR exercise games, but it doesn't look like there is much to it for the asking price, especially when games like Knockout League, Sprint Vector and Football Nation VR exist. Thanks for the review!

  6. You probably are playing it sitting down. The game requires you to be standing. Also you need to look down and step into the circle. The problem I have is that requires me to move my couch back and forth between Fruit NInja and Dirt Rally. Gameplay itself is solid. You're supposed to hit the bombs with the side of your sword.

  7. I watched your review this time before purchase and while I agree with your points about the view of the game being a tad too close and yes it requires a fair amount of room for swinging efficiency I have found much to be enjoyed in this game despite the lack of options….As you say,Enjoyment is a personal thing and yes it's about getting on the leaderboard and beating my best score. There's something satisfying about the combos and even though I'm not a big fan of unnecessary exercise I enjoy the light work out this gives plus the way the game behaves is very random so love how I constantly have to be on my toes so I have to disagree about it being an expensive novelty ..
    BTW.This is my first go at fruit ninja so might explain why I like it..If I have to add a personal criticism it's that the swords don't feel 'weighty' in their swing.. Maybe I could add weight bracelets to the wrists,lol
    Anyway.Another quality vid from your good selves,keep up the excellent work and also if you haven't already reviewed it I would like to know what you think of The Assembly.. Right.My poor dog is starting to feel like a 'VR widow' so off to take her for her walk then it's more fruit genocide later

  8. I am curious if this would be a good game to show off my PSVR to friends and family? I have had trouble finding games that are either too slow paced or too action packed that they make people sick.


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