The VR Shop – Unboxing & Hands on Review – Tzumi Dream Vision


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8 thoughts on “The VR Shop – Unboxing & Hands on Review – Tzumi Dream Vision”

  1. I was also wondering wat kind of vr headset i should get for a samsung galaxy s3, it was one of my old phones and i only use it now because it has a gyroscope, the galaxy s3 is a rather tiny phone and i was wondering wat good quality headset would go best with it, write now im using the newer version of the headset you showed in this video and was wondering if i should keep it or not

  2. those traps come off so easy.. and takes for ever to put back on. field of view is narrow as shyt.. thats the problem with people who review things they dont use..and its fucking heavy…

  3. What I like about that headset is the inside part is two tunnels one of instead of a big gaping emptiness with a split down the middle like most headsets. What manufacturers need to start doing though is put some sort of Perspex or glass in the compartment where the phone goes to stop the inside of the lenses getting dirty. I noticed with the VR headsets that I have that the lenses get dusty too easily and it's really hard to clean them reaching inside the headset itself.

  4. Im still waiting for the Shinecon V4 I ordered three weeks ago. According to DHL it arrived in Dublin Ireland (I live in Ireland) last wednesday. I should have got it by now.

    Anyway That looks very like a slightly redesigned VR Box v2.

  5. Looks like another VR Box clone to me, at least the design case, Im suprised you didnt mention that.
    Unless Im totally wrong.
    Apart from the earbuds and magnet button, and ofcourse the front loading phone design rather than the side slider type like the VR Box has.

  6. honestly guys this is a great VR headset. If you buying one, buy the pro version. I bought it at Walmart unfortunately I had to return it because my phone the ZTE ZMAX PRO is too big for it. the volume rocker and the power button was an issue. but It is the best one out there. better than the VR BOSS or Bobo z4. get the pro version


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