Fracked Review


Fracked is a blast to play, even if it isn’t quite the massive shooter epic to round out the PSVR era. By all means, its arena-based action is polished and thrilling, offering refined fast-paced action with intense combat setpieces.

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7 thoughts on “Fracked Review”

  1. > streamlined reloading system keep Fracked’s focus on the action, and not fighting a control scheme.

    I have to wonder why I keep seeing this as a positive in reviews.
    VR is an immersive medium, one in which you can actually use your hands to do things, and yet developers who don't seem to understand this get praised for it.

    Pop 1 has you press a button to throw.
    MoH's reloads are completely assbackwards
    That hero shooter (I can't even remember the name) has a melee character where with TRACKED HANDS! you don't throw your punches by actually punching…
    Grapple arena just ignores reloading as an action completely.
    Like Pop 1, this seems to make reloading your main weapon into an exercise in sliding something along a track, something we learn to do as children.
    So it's definitely simplified…
    But is that a good thing?
    Is it immersive?
    Is a near complete focus on just pointing and clicking actually rewarding?
    Or is it actually improved by having a more engaging hand-eye coordination task of realistically reloading, and having to keep track of your magazine's load to allow you to avoid running short during combat?

  2. How many times in one review can you mention that it's a shorter game? With its price tag, did you really think gamers expected a 12 hour campaign? No, we get it.


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