A FREE VR Shooter That's Better Than Paid VR!? – Propagation VR Might Just Be A New Addiction.


Propagation VR is free VR shooter at such a high quality I cant believe they are letting people have it for free. But Propagation VR does have some hidden attributes that will make you realise why though but its up to you if its worth the price of being a free virtual reality game. From its impressive visuals to its tense and sometimes frightening atmosphere and sounds, it is worth adding to your steam library anyway.

Propagation VR Steam Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1363430/Propagation_VR/

0:00 Intro
0:15 Gameplay Intro
1:18 Brief explanation of the game
2:37 Graphics
4:14 Sound
5:25 Atmosphere
7:26 Gameplay
7:45 The game has problems
10:42 Coop
11:27 Juicy info from the developers
12:40 Is it worth getting?

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33 thoughts on “A FREE VR Shooter That's Better Than Paid VR!? – Propagation VR Might Just Be A New Addiction.”

  1. This was my 1st horror game on VR when I bought my Quest 2 my buddy said to look for a Left 4 Dead game to play. I seen it has a f2p sp & paid co-op + awesome 😎 review scores. Well turned it on hard mode and shit my pants as I never really like horror games. I hate spiders but I stuck it out like a champ only to never touch it again 😜 but damn I really did like this in a lot of ways how they add more games to this universe.

  2. Best free game out there. 10 bucks for coop is still a fantastic deal. I gave them 10 dollars even though I have no intention of playing coop. I just thought they did such a fantastic job they deserved it and wanted to support them.

  3. This game needs an automatic swear bleeper ,that's all the noises I was able to make playing this .also you can tell how tall you are rex as I have to look up at the soldiers in this lol,.


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